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Which of course means that the stock will take another 7% dive.
Did they say Two and a Half Men 'star'? Must have been a typo. Should have been Two and a Half Men destructor. That show stinks to high heaven now because of Kutcher. He can't even grow a half way decent looking beard. What a mistake.
Wouldn't be touting magnesium over aluminum. Magnesium is softer, more brittle, and has a tendency to bend easier, making aluminum much stronger. A characteristic I'd want in a mobile platform. Magnesium requires a protective coating over it to avoid corrosion where aluminum does not, and the metal itself is less stable than aluminum. Magnesium is also more expensive to produce. So keep talking Stacy.
Wonder what the failed campaign cost RIM? They should be investing all funds into something physically more 'Bold' instead of just paying to talk about it.
Has this moron been living in a cave or what? The top 25 corps in this country pay less than 4% federal taxes per year due to overseas tax shelters and tax code loopholes. He's just now figuring this out? Yeah right.
If Samsung didn't release exactly how many smartphones they sold, I'm not sure how they can be crowned King of smartphone land.
Ashton Kutcher and an Academy Award are polar opposites.
Which is the problem exactly.....
Marketing 101 - Never bring up your competitors, it only takes the spotlight off of your product, and could back fire depending on the consumer. Especially when the competitive issue is two years old and has since been resolved. Nokia has not only ignored those principles, but actually paying someone to do it. I will enjoy seeing them crash and burn.
Does anyone actually care what RIM thinks anymore. Give them another year, maybe two, and they won't even exist beyond any patents that they sell.
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