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What are you talking about? This will never be entertained in a court of law. I could see Apple fixing her nose out of being a 'nice guy' type of thing, but to set a precedent of such ignorance would be ridiculous. All of the sudden every half way blind person begins running into things and becomes litigious. Don't think so.
I've had no wifi issues. Nor have I had a heating issue. Great upgrade from the iPad 2. The screen is amazing and contrary to breakdowns, I think the speaker is much louder than previous versions.
I said that the same thing about the original iPad and the Retina display on the iPhone 4 when it came out after looking online. Then I went to the store and compared them, and it was night and day. The video of a video does not do it justice by any means.
Sure, there's always room for improvement, but the noise is perfectly acceptable. The shots taken were actually pretty aggressive shots, especially the lighter bottles on dark background and darker foliage area with what looks like fog. You won't find many dedicated compact cameras that will give you anything different. Definitely impressive for a device that isn't really meant to take pictures.
I read an article that said the IZGO LED panel could not meet the specs that Apple was looking for.
I think that you'll be surprised when the full benchmarks are released, as well as new software titles taking advantage of the new power structure. As you know with Apple, its never been about specs. There's a lot going on under the hood that is not realized, and directly translates into an improved customer experience. As Ive said, Apple won't bother releasing something that is not 'genuinely better', than what is out today. We'll see on Friday...
So if two full sized tablet losers get together, does that make one winner?
This is good stuff. I'll take an updated GPU and RAM over a processor upgrade any day of the week.
$150 more to get a full fledged iPad 2 over the Kindle? That's a no brainer. If you think otherwise, then you've never used a Kindle.
For the basic user, Quad core anything is overkill. The only time they become useful is if you are a power user and are running cpu intensive programs simultaneously. Upgrading the GPU and RAM on the iPad will be crucial in order to continue to develop more graphic intensive games, improved frame rates, and multi tasking. The new retina screen will also be a giant leap forward. Everything else is just marketing hype. Unless of course they include an SD card slot.
New Posts  All Forums: