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Seems at every step, Proview is throwing around that it is open to negotiations. You only mention it this many times if you have a losing hand. I hope that Apple chokes this little good for nothing, dead monitor company to death, and the return lawsuits go beyond that of the corporate protections.
Not so fast there Lee Harvey. Actually, two lower courts in Guangdong have sided with Proview, but a Hong Kong court ruled in Apple's favor.
Advertising 101 - Never mention your competitors name within your ads. Guess T-mobile will stop doing this from now on.
Funny how the competitors always come back to Apple's original R&D results. I wonder how much Amazon is willing to lose per unit on this one?
The larger screen is cool, but this primary stylus input is not a welcomed blast from the past. It will be looked at as an antiquated pda, I'm thinking Palm Pilot or Nintendo Dsi. How lame.
Ok boardroom members, our strategy is to wait until the market is completely saturated with Apple's iPhone4s, THEN, here's the exciting part, we will launch OUR new phone, and target the dummy, low end consumers, and pick up whatever remaining table scraps that Apple leaves us. Sound good? WHO'S WITH ME?!?!
If you are referring to an app having anything to do with the IPO, please explain.
You answered a question with a question, but his question still remains. What does this story have to do with Apple?
Mostly sub $200 tablets like the Kindle Fire and Nook. Amazon is losing $2.70 on each of those Kindle's sold. Not a proven business model yet, and I still believe that a Kindle or Nook is just a proving ground for the next iPad purchase. In the next year, I'd bet there will be lots of Kindle Fires on the used market, and Amazon will begin to feel the weight of a saturated market.
You give credence to the 'ignorance is bliss' cliche. Android has the dummy activations in the pocket for sure, but that's not what produces winning quarters of profit. You just saw what does. I just made a boat load of money off of Apple for the third time, and it will happen again. Just keep in mind that Apple sold more iPads with IOS than HP did PC's this past quarter. They also sold more PC's as well. When OSX is merged into iOS for the desktop and mobile applications,...
New Posts  All Forums: