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If I, as a developer, can tell that my app is pirated, surely Apple can.
Is FCP required to use Motion? I've often just pulled clips ino AE for simple editing while compositing and for $50 it would be awesome if I could replace my aging copy of AE with Motion.
This isn't all of the pieces, but Apple posted this project on Mac OS Forge at the end of February: http://www.dcerpc.org/ I really like how Apple is unafraid of replacing entire portions of their software stack for implementations they control. It'll be interesting to see if they open source their CIFS client as well.
I think you meant, hunk of aluminum and glass.
Unlike my AT&T iPhone, my Verizon iPhone has the ability to complete a phone call and not timeout constantly when browsing the internet in a major metropolitan area. I never thought I'd say this, but it's good to be back on Verizon \
What is the difference between iPhone3,1 and iPhone 3,2? Besides storage, I'm not aware of any differences in iPhone models, and I was under the impression that the iPhone 4 was had the ID iPhone3,1.iPhone: iPhone1,1iPhone 3G: iPhone1,2iPhone 3GS: iPhone2,1iPhone 4: iPhone3,1???: iPhone3,2iPhone 4 Verizon: iPhone3,3Edit: Or maybe I'm wrong, based on this article at Ars. Perhaps the Verizon iPhone is iPhone3,2 and there's still an iPhone3,3 that hasn't been released (and...
Aren't telecom's already charging customers for some form of capped usage (minutes, bytes, messages, etc.)? How do they justify wanting to be paid twice for the same service? If their networks can't handle the service, they probably shouldn't be selling it.
This is wonderful news.
As the name suggests Apple Lossless is a lossless format, like FLAC or WAV. iTMS songs are encoded as AAC files, which are lossy like MP3s.
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