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That tower won't work for you. It's only about 4.5 in. wide in total. Opticals are 5.25 in. wide.
Absolutely not true. Your initial investment was taxed, assuming it was earned income, at the tax rate relevant to the bracket you were in at the time. When you sell your shares, you deduct what you paid for them, plus brokerage fees and commissions, and pay tax on the profit, which is why it's called  capital GAINS.
And here's the next step after that, if Jim Jannard can get some traction with the studios.   http://www.red.com/products/red-ray
Still going on and more than half of the new posts in Genius Bar are off topic. I'm going to start flagging again as it seems to be the only way to get anything done.  
The problem is, the Chinese will sue over the patent for gunpowder, get an injunction and take over the world without anyone else firing a shot. ;-)
Someone can continue to move the threads as they're reported while a solution is found to the problem. Right now it's just filling up the wrong forum and, for those who don't look in the root folder of Genius Bar, it's causing to them miss seeing threads that may interest them.  
There are dozens of threads being posted in the root folder of the Genius Bar forum that should be in other forums, mostly General Discussion.   I flagged about 10 or 15 of them a few weeks ago and received a PM from a certain Mod to "please stop".
The problem in all this arguing as I see it is that there's a difference between investors and traders and most of the people complaining about dividends seem to be traders. Traders want a certain level of volatility in order to make a profit. Investors want stability and steady growth. Dave Smith
You really spent time doing research to make that calculation? Why stop at the US population? Anyone in the world can buy Apple shares. Why don't you go look up the exact current world population and tell what that percentage is. stupid git
I would make one argument for a stock split. There are many people, like my mother, who have AAPL stock in their IRAs. My mother is required to withdraw a certain amount every year based on the value of the IRA at the end of the previous year. This year it was about $4200 and she sold 9 share at $502. If Apple had split 4 for 1 last year and was trading at $125.50 she'd have sold 35 shares and had the equivalent of 3/4 of a share more than she has now. For...
New Posts  All Forums: