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For someone living in Canada with an American credit card, I wish ApplePay was not restricted in the software, but instead by your physical location. In other words, why shouldn't I be able to use this and add a credit card? 
What I never seem to read in any of these threads is that many of these new features will not work for a lot of people. Handoff requires bluetooth 4.0 LE. Dongles and adapters will not work. If you do not have this newer bluetooth, forgot about many of the cool new features.
Not in Canadian store yet.
It is nice to see so many people with a reasonable point of view on this, finally. I got very sick of all the complainers. Just shut up and say thank you.
I know that many do not like to use some of those stores anyway. I myself try to avoid Walmart. However, for everyone else, you should make a point of saying something to the managers of the stores. As one poster suggested a few weeks ago, have them ring up your big screen tv only to be shocked when they say they don't support ApplePay. Tell the manager why you are leaving without the TV. The old cliché is true, if enough people do it....
I own Apple Stock but I am not a savvy investor. Can someone explain why Icahn wants this and what the impact would be on the company and the investors?
Windows 10.3 (Copy cat), 10.4 (Scaredy Cat), ...
I am sure there will be no problem when he tells the players they can no longer use their Beats headphones.
 I found that when I applied a lot of pressure to my leg, it broke. Must be a structural weakness.
Over the years, I have seen many cracked iPhones from people putting them in their pockets and sitting on them. As many have said, the 6 Plus is not a pocket phone. Who in their right mind would want to put that massive thing in their pocket anyway?
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