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Except that many of these analysts prove to be wrong (as we see from Um) and they tend to use the "throw stuff against the wall and see what sticks" method of analyzation. We see articles like this and think stock manipulation. There is a reason the Apple faithful are so faithfully bias, and that is due to our AAPL shares.
I guess they don't put a dollar amount on user experience, tech support, security breaches, and down time. As an earlier poster said, there is dumbness on both sides.    You have an unqualified person making decisions with a side of nepotism. Then you have auditors looking at spreadsheets and making judgements based on numbers that don't take into account the things all of us Apple users know make a difference.
   But maybe I want my Dryer making Facebook updates on my missing socks
Great! Now I have to worry about my washing machine having malware or a virus. Some 14 year old kid in russia is going to put spyware in my pyjamas.   I wonder if now we will have to rent our appliances and if we don't make a payment, no coffee or no clean dishes.
"All the other parents let their kids stay out as late as they want. It's not fair we have to come in when it gets dark!"
So why doesn't Apple make the size a little bigger so that the usable size is equal to what they advertise? Since when does Apple just do what everyone else is doing? 
Yes, most of us in here know that the advertised size is not the actual size. You could call these plaintiffs morons. But.... I find most people are not aware that 16Gb is not really 16GB. I am always explaining this to them. It is not a problem only with Apple. The whole tech industry could do a better job of educating the public or perhaps change how they represent the capacities of their products. If you advertise a 1 TB hard drive for example, the actual available...
I have to say, this was one of the more entertaining threads I have read. After reading the two European comments at the beginning, I was sure it would flame out of control. But instead you guys came in with some very clever retorts. 
You hit the nail on the head. I am guessing that if Apple allowed you to convert these accounts, they would be acknowledging that people lied about their kids' age during the creation of an iCloud account. Thus, this might open up a liability issue in the form of a class action. Just a guess.  But the problem remains. I have held off from the Family sharing for this reason and a few others.From what I understand, when the kid grows up and leaves home, he or she takes their...
I am listening hard but I still can't seem to hear it from Canada. Maybe Sarah Palin can.
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