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I remember ordering my Quadra 800 and having to wait weeks for it. In fact, I can't remember a product launch from Apple that did not have supply issues. All it does is create the "Cabbage Patch Kids" hysteria. Tickle me Elmo. It doesn't hurt Apple. It only makes people thirst for the product more.
 If I am understanding radster360 correctly, he is stating that the DAN is not created each time a transaction takes place, which would most likely require an internet connection. No, the unique DAN is created when you add your card to Passbook. And yes you probably need an internet connection then. But not every time you make a purchase. Is the "transaction-specific dynamic security code" is generated by the merchant and paired with the DAN? Or is the phone creating the...
This is how it is supposed to be. The anticipation, the mystery, the rumors all swirling around driving fan boys nuts. I just hope they dazzle us with the unexpected.
Leave it to Intuit to release a paid upgrade that reduces the features and think that is progress.
 So if "the malware is protected from being discovered," how can you trust any device? 
As much as it drove me crazy to not know what was going to be announced and when I could get my hands on it once it was announced, it effectively created a fan-boy hunger to have it.   Now, with leaks that have practically become pre-announcements and improved production pipelines, the lust has gone. This is not to say the new way is wrong or anything negative about the way Cook runs things. I just kind of miss the magic, the almost mystical aura that surrounded product...
 Now if only it could be integrated with NEST. 
Jay Z partnering with Samsung has about as much credibility has Kanye has talent.   Photos of 11 different times Jay Z used an iPhone and not a Samsung.
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