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You hit the nail on the head. I am guessing that if Apple allowed you to convert these accounts, they would be acknowledging that people lied about their kids' age during the creation of an iCloud account. Thus, this might open up a liability issue in the form of a class action. Just a guess.  But the problem remains. I have held off from the Family sharing for this reason and a few others.From what I understand, when the kid grows up and leaves home, he or she takes their...
I am listening hard but I still can't seem to hear it from Canada. Maybe Sarah Palin can.
   I would argue his political ideology forms his opinions but his age exasperates things. He shows an obvious lack of understanding of what net neutrality is and instead is willing to assume the party line before truly understanding the topic.
This seems like a BS rumour leaked out in an attempt to generate buzz and possibly attract other stars to sign on.
Disgusting Over the top Jackasses !
As I look at the de-list web page, I do not see how it verifies you are the proper person. Can it only be done if you have kept the same number? What if you have switched numbers and you cannot receive a text to that old number you want to de-list. I am assuming that number will be reassigned to someone else at some point. Will that new person have trouble registering it with iMessage?
 Maybe I am reading this wrong. If the user no longer has their iPhone, how is the person supposed to receive a confirmation code to confirm their intent? Is it going to be sent to your new phone? If so, what stops a stranger or an ex-girlfriend or boyfriend from deregistering someone else? I am sure I am reading this wrong, right? Upon further thought, I realize that the authentication must be through your iCloud.
Absolutely correct! I would much rather buy 2 songs for $1.98 than one song for $1.29
I don't think this is what Tim Cook meant when he said "over the long arc of time."
 That is not the point. The petition itself can raise awareness and sway public opinion. As Time Cook said it is the consumers that will make the decision in the end.
New Posts  All Forums: