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That might be in part because they feel that sometimes the existing open standards are not great and that Apple can do it better.
Can we try to keep our political opinions out of this thread? It will only derail any meaningful discussion.
Trust me, they get it. They are just playing with the system for their gain.
hmmm, really?   The week leading up all we hear from the "analysts" are reports that downplay the success and help push AAPL lower. Now the quarterly results are in and they are "shocked."   Really?   I wasn't shocked. Were any of you? Can you say stock manipulation?
Now it is time to update the interface of Apple TV. We need a better way of navigating.
Except that many of these analysts prove to be wrong (as we see from Um) and they tend to use the "throw stuff against the wall and see what sticks" method of analyzation. We see articles like this and think stock manipulation. There is a reason the Apple faithful are so faithfully bias, and that is due to our AAPL shares.
I guess they don't put a dollar amount on user experience, tech support, security breaches, and down time. As an earlier poster said, there is dumbness on both sides.    You have an unqualified person making decisions with a side of nepotism. Then you have auditors looking at spreadsheets and making judgements based on numbers that don't take into account the things all of us Apple users know make a difference.
   But maybe I want my Dryer making Facebook updates on my missing socks
Great! Now I have to worry about my washing machine having malware or a virus. Some 14 year old kid in russia is going to put spyware in my pyjamas.   I wonder if now we will have to rent our appliances and if we don't make a payment, no coffee or no clean dishes.
"All the other parents let their kids stay out as late as they want. It's not fair we have to come in when it gets dark!"
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