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This is an example of how regulations can be a good thing. 
I have always laughed at those who said it, but now I must say it. Apple is doomed.
The big newspapers blew it. Early on they should have seen the writing on the wall. IMHO they should have worked with Apple. If the user could pay a monthly fee for the ability to choose a package that consisted of 3-5 newspapers of their choice, it would have been successful. The user could switch papers a certain amount of times per year before being charged. They would have different tiers of packages. 
Because it does concern me, I read the thread. It is full of people experiencing the same issue. There are a lot of "same here" responses, but there are a lot of people trying to find a common thread, extensions, using Mark Up, etc. So yes, there was plenty of coordination, or at least as much as you can expect in a forum. In my opinion, there are enough people with the same problem, that it isn't just "blame Apple for everything" issue.  But, I am sure whatever I am...
Lag in Typing in Yosemite's Mail w/ External Ap... | Apple Support Communities
The real question is does this update fix the typing lag in Mail? That has been bugging the sh1t out of me!
 A little harsh don't you think? Give the guy a break. Some actually use these forums as research and it is a legitimate question. 
I wish they would launch in Canada. We already have the POS terminals at almost every merchant. The transition would be so easy and it would be adopted much quicker
This morning I installed Mac ID on my iMac and the companion app on my iPhone. I did not like it so uninstalled it from my phone. I noticed today that 1password is not syncing via wifi any longer. It can't find 1password running on the iMac.   I am just curious if there are any others out there that can test to see if Mac ID interferes with 1password. 
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