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This morning I installed Mac ID on my iMac and the companion app on my iPhone. I did not like it so uninstalled it from my phone. I noticed today that 1password is not syncing via wifi any longer. It can't find 1password running on the iMac.   I am just curious if there are any others out there that can test to see if Mac ID interferes with 1password. 
Someone help me here. I have set it up and I am confused. I know it has automatic lock when you walk away from your mac, with your iOS device. That is handy.   However, isn't it supposed to do the reverse too? I walk up to my locked iMac and it takes 3-5 seconds before an alert comes pops up on my phone. I am then required to swipe the notification which brings up a touch ID passcode screen. I put my thumb on and then 2-3 seconds later it unlocks my iMac. The whole...
No, it is not. However, it is obviously the direction they are going in the big picture. Eventually they all will be like this and we will adapt (no pun intended) by buying new cables and new adapters and new peripherals.
The lack of storage and ports are two things I first thought of. I understand that Apple is pushing everyone to the cloud, but there are still people, like myself, that wish to stay grounded to a certain degree. I love all of the convenience the cloud offers, and I use it, but I do want my stuff with me on my computer too. I have a lot of music and a lot of photos. I want those on my computer (and backed up of course). Now with a laptop that has one port to satisfy power,...
While trying to authenticate to update iMovie, I received this error: STATUS_CODE_ERROR
That might be in part because they feel that sometimes the existing open standards are not great and that Apple can do it better.
Can we try to keep our political opinions out of this thread? It will only derail any meaningful discussion.
Trust me, they get it. They are just playing with the system for their gain.
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