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 Gaming? Do you see the Apple TV becoming more of an extension to the iPad or iPhone for gaming purposes?  Although, my first thought was a funny image of someone on their couch making wild swiping gestures in the air to change channels and volume. 
  They don't need to make a profit on the sales, just break even or even a loss. They can give them away. As I said before, the data is more valuable than anything. Facial recognition is the frontier and for that they need a database of facial profiles. Now tie that into the existing massive database of users FB has, wow! I can see the sales staff salivating from here. Targeted advertising backed by FB user database. OMG! You will not be able to walk into a mall without...
 Facebook does not care about any of that. All they want is the data collection.
I too am creeped out by this.   How is Facebook not going to want to use this device as a way to gather facial recognition data, including retina scans? That is extremely valuable data. Once they introduce some gimmicky way to get their Facebook users to put these on, they have what they need. There will be some hidden privacy setting that nobody knows about and the default will be consenting to the release of your rights. And even when this consent by default setting is...
My new t-shirt says: I read this interesting article and all I got was a stinking grammar lesson.
They have to get rid of the tether though. A cable connection? I want to just sit in the car and it connects while the phone is in my pocket. And, there should be an option for profiles. I want to be able to choose whose phone syncs and the hierarchy of which connects first.
This is a good thing. There needs to be some revision of the traffic laws to account for technology. As this case points out, not every use of the phone is the same. Cops will usually take the widest and most lucrative interpretation of the law. These laws need to be clearly spelled out so when the driver goes to court, he doesn't need to take it to the higher courts just to get a traffic ticket reversed.
How long have we been hearing it? Forever!   "Apple is doomed!"
They didn't buy the app really. It was the customer base they wanted.
 I whole heartedly agree. I have always felt frustrated by not only the remote but by the GUI and how the remote interacts with the GUI. A bluetooth keyboard has certainly improved matters, but hardly 'solved' it. I am led to believe that when Jobs said about the TV, "I finally cracked it," that something is in the pipe line waiting to come out when the time is right.
New Posts  All Forums: