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I think my point is still valid. Some people just do not like to troubleshoot. Sure they will get sucked into this funnel, but they will become frustrated or confused and pay someone. Believe it or not, many people do not enjoy the genius bar experience. My guess is that this app is just a way of trying to filter out some easy ones before directing them to the store. But as I said, some would rather pay someone to fix it. Those that like to solve their problems on their...
Maybe not, but you are right. I hate it when these conversations go south.
You are absolutely right. I am embarrassed. Strike my petty comment from the thread. [no sarcasm]
If you have read "Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance," then you will know what I mean.   There are those who like to fix things, and then there are those that like to pay someone to fix those things.
It is about time! Now lets see how long the banks take to jump on board. It should be very successful here as the infrastructure is already in place.
   The question is, did you read the article?
True, but I am talking about the "Nearby" feature as referenced in the article.
Yea, I am confused. I have had this feature in Montreal, Canada for several weeks now.
  Exactly why I am loyal to Apple. They understand that my privacy is a priceless commodity that will reward them with my business if they protect it.
I think you have touched on something important. I wonder if VW's serious troubles with software related emissions testing scandal had anything to do with not wanting Google to poke around in their car diagnostics. 
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