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All I know is that the nearest Apple Store or CompUSA is an hour away, and the nearest Best Buy is 2 blocks away...
From what I've read elsewhere, Samsung's software is not, and will never be compatible with iSync... This includes their implementation of Bluetooth. For us poor Sprint cell users, this means almost no Bluetooth phone choices that will sync with our Macs.
Now if only Samsung phones would be supported...
Actually, of the two dozen or so Mac owners I know, None of them have iWork, and every one of them has some version of Microsoft Office on their Macs. This doesn't even include the public schools around here that all have Microsoft Office on the school Mac's, but I have yet to see iWork on any of them.
iWork 1/5th of Mac market? I thought it was reported that it was selling rather poorly. I wonder if this number comes from people buying new Macs, using the "trial" version, and actually paying when the trial expires.
Entourage colors are back! The color coded "dots" for projects disappeared after the last security update. They have been restored with this one. Everything else seems to work great as well.
On my 533mhz "Digital Audio" G4 Mac, I blow off steam with games like: "Castle Wolfenstein:Enemy Territory" (free!) which is an online game. the classics "Diablo II" & "Warcraft III" will work fine, and can be had fairly cheap My all time favorite "deus Ex" will work just fine.
I was going to cancel my .Mac subscription, but now I'm renewing. 1 gig is much better, and Backup 3.0 actually works, where I couldn't ever get Backup 2 to work. First backup took 20 minutes, but second backup only took 3 minutes. i guess it actually looks for changes.
IF it is the long awaited iPhone (and I hope it is), I just wonder what cellular carrier is going to carry them.
Only if you are a Knicks fan... Actually, I disagree. If you look at recent history, there is a "Power shift" every few years. Examples: 2005 finals: Spurs & Pistons -> Spurs won 2004 finals: Lakers & Pistons -> Pistons won 2003 finals: Spurs & Nets -> Spurs won 2002 finals: Lakers & Nets -> Lakers won 2001 finals: lakers & 76ers -> Lakers won Sure a few teams in each conference can be a power for a few years, but over the last couple of decades, it keeps changing as to...
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