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So, I'm guessing you either live in Quebec or some part of the rest of Canada that serves, what the English part of a Montreal restaurant menu translates as, "calorie fries". Unfortunately, I'm too health-conscious to indulge myself too often.My counter-argument to your independent developer assertion is that, currently, it's only possible to develop in Swift for either an iOS or OS X app. As far as I know, there's been no attempt to port Swift to other platforms. ...
Sorry, but I'm highly sceptical of all these surveys that state that language X is popular. They're meaningless in a world where developers employers dictate which language their debs use. The language I'm paid to code in is not my favourite, not even close.
Well, C++ 11 and 14 have some compelling new features, but I guess also still retain a lot of the baggage as well. Also, from what I've read, Apple is a big C++ user and backer of the new features.I agree with your assertion that Swift isn't a general purpose language, but is more domain specific. Still, as a mobile development language, it is now superior to the default development language for Android, instead of the other way around.What do you mean by "describe data...
You seem to (correct me if I'm wrong) view Swift as the "one true language" that will solve everybody's problems. No one language is a panacea. Each language has its own domain and its own set of requirements.This is how I view the programming language landscape:1) Extremely low-level programming: Assembly2) Moderate low-level programming: C, Go, Swift (maybe, due to ARC)3) Enterprise/business level programming: Java, COBOL, C#, Ceylon, Kotlin4) Systems programming:...
 How many Mac users run BootCamp to play Windows-only games? I wouldn't be surprised if this is a significant number.
 In my limited searching I haven't seen anything to prove or disprove that USB Type-C can do ethernet. The current USB to ethernet adapter sold by Apple only supports USB 2.0.
 So.... way way way way slower (like USB 2 slower) than Thunderbolt does ethernet, correct?
Does USB Type-C support ethernet? I'm guessing not. I would argue this is an essential feature for pro and business users, given bandwidth and network security issues.
The JVM performs very well nowadays, contrary to some of the myths out there about Java being "slow". There are also continual improvements to garbage collection (ex Red Hat has introduced a new garbage collector for OpenJDK). There are certain limitations still to the JVM, but they'll largely be resolved when modules and value types are introduced in Java 9 and 10, respectively.However, whether a language is well designed and how well it's runtime performs are largely...
So why is Swift any different from these other languages, at least one of which I'd argue Swift is inferior to?
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