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Huh? Are we talking about he same thing? A union type is a common supertype to two otherwise unrelated types. For example, a String | Integer. Having this feature at the language level allows for some very powerful features.
It's simple. The absence of a keyword should mean the variable is immutable. The presence of a keyword should mean the variable is mutable. For example, In Ceylon, a variable is immutable if there is no modifying keyword. So String text is immutable and variable String text is mutable. Thus, the developer must make a conscious decision to make a variable mutable.
I agree that exceptions can be abused but I think eliminating them takes away a useful tool that should be applied sparingly. For instance, exceptions are useful for assertions. That is, if you're expecting a List to contain something and it doesn't, and you know is is due to a programming error, making such an assertion is useful, especially early in he development cycle. With Swift, you'll need to check every single possibility with conditional logic. With the...
Swift is a nice language and certainly a few steps up from Java and Objective C, but there are better languages out there. Where I find Swift wanting is in support for union types (many of the newer languages have them or are adding them), not completely eliminating the possibility of the equivalent of a NullPointerException with its built-in Optional, as well as (last I looked) eliminating exceptions completely. Swift seems to take Perl-ish shortcuts at times where...
 Why should Apple kick out Amazon when they're following the rules that Apple set? Amazon is complying with those rules, just in a different way. If Amazon has their own payment/user management system, then it makes sense for them not to pay Apple. I don't like how Amazon got a free pass from the DOJ in the Apple eBooks trial, but I don't see how it would be fair for Apple to change the rules on them in the middle of the game since they are complying with those rules.
I bought a lot of comics on Comixology so I thought I would try buying a comic under the new system. It's definitely not as convenient as the old system, but with the help of 1Password, it wasn't that painful. All I had to do was browse for comics within the app and add the one I wanted to my wishlist. Then, I logged into comixology.com from 1Password, accessed my wishlist and then autofilled my credit card details. Yes, it's definitely a step back, but I don't think...
I haven't installed Flash on my system, and if I really need to view a site with Flash, I'll run Chrome, which has its own embedded Flash player.
Way offtopic, but do these pumps accept Canadian postal codes, or do they need to be all numeric US zip codes? Would Canadians have to go inside to pay in this case? 
 What's your point? They'll still want to get into their phone to search for evidence.
 My point is that when law enforcement/three letter agencies want to get into a suspect's iPhone and read their notes/contacts/etc, they're going to want a back door since they already have PIN cracking software.
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