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 My point is that when law enforcement/three letter agencies want to get into a suspect's iPhone and read their notes/contacts/etc, they're going to want a back door since they already have PIN cracking software.
How will the NSA/law enforcement backdoor work for the fingerprint sensor? And, yes, of course there will be one since the NSA/police/etc would have asked Apple for one well ahead of time.
My problem definitely happened later than 10.2. Perhaps I hit an edge case, so rarely doesn't mean never?
1) If I want to view hidden files like .vimrc I need to view those .DS_Store files as well.2) Perhaps they fixed something in the last couple of years but I definitely had an issue requiring me to defrag my file system with a paid defragger. I can't remember exactly what I was trying to do, but OS X definitely told me I needed to defrag.HFS+ is an aging file system that was written in a hurry. Linux users have lots of file system options so why are stuck with HFS+?
How about a new filesystem in 10.9 not one that leaves .DS_Store droppings and requires me to pay for a defrag app?
This is apparently the cause: http://arstechnica.com/apple/2013/01/ask-ars-why-will-apples-do-not-disturb-bug-fix-itself-next-week/
Can I upgrade my Samsung phone to the latest version of Android? No? Why not? You said you were good for consumers, right?
As much as it's a good thing that Samsung was called out for being the blatant Apple copying machine that they are, it's still tragic that software patents for trivial "inventions" (like one-click shopping) are rampant in the U.S. Software patent law needs to be reformed, or software patents need to be abolished altogether. Also, how much you want to bet this gets quickly appealed?
I installed 10.8.1 about an hour ago.   It's too early to say about the battery life, but before and after the update my rMBP runs hotter than the sun when I'm running Diablo III.  According to the iStat Pro Dashboard widget, my GPU was running close to 79 degrees celcius (165 fahrenheit) when I was running Diablo and the fans were spinning like crazy.  Now it's down to 110 fahrenheit.   This is downright scary hot.   Hopefully this gets fixed in 10.8.2 because it's...
New Posts  All Forums: