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 Tivio's business model is completely broken, since the cable companies subsidize their own PVR boxes. Apple requires healthy profit margins on all their hardware, so how is this going to fly? Besides, I'm sure Apple has no desire to be a middle man, since their M.O. has been to deal directly with content providers. Apple going through the cable companies to provide content, as well as requiring their customers to have cable subscriptions, make absolutely no sense. ...
So much for the cord cutters.
Tell that to all the fortune 500 companies that run their businesses on Java on the server. Also, desktop Java GUIs (ie Swing) aren't entirely dead for custom stuff.Agreed about killing Flash.
First of all, I'd rather have a look n feel that looks like ass than be months late on releases and security fixes.Secondly, Nimbus does not look like ass.
It would have been better if Apple never was the only source of Java on OS X in the first place.
Good.  Now OS X is finally a first class citizen in the Java world.  I can expect JDK 8 at the same time and Windows, Linux and Solaris users and don't have to deal with Apple dragging its feet, as it did when it shipped Leopard with only JDK 5 (6 was out).   This is excellent news all around.  
Oracle is currently working on a Mac version of Java 7 for OS X, but the end user version won't be ready until the fall. Currently, only Apple distributes any version of Java for OS X.
As long as Apple distributes a version of Java, it must live up to its responsibilities to patch that version promptly with security updates. Patching a known security vulnerability 2 months after Oracle did is unacceptable.
I'm generally on Apple's side whenever some media outlet cries wolf over some imagined Apple security blunder. In the past, it's all been massively exaggerated. However, in this case, Apple really screwed up. They screwed up because 10 years ago they insisted on distributing their own version of Java, and then backed away from that commitment and neglected Java to the point where major updates would be a year late and security updates where months late. This is...
New Posts  All Forums: