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Apple made a major commitment to their customers to providing Java on Mac (as opposed to Sun doing it) back in 2000. It's their responsibility to ensure an orderly transition to an Oracle-maintained JVM if they won't do it themselves.
Our Java apps run just fine with thousands of users, thank you very much. We're trying to decommission all of our mainframe apps because they're just about impossible to maintain and have archaic interfaces. Add to that the fact that they're difficult to audit and thus to meet our regulatory obligations.
What spite? Java is still open source. OpenOffice is still open source. VirtualBox is still open source. Glassfish is still open source. Technically, OpenSolaris is still open source. Where did you get this information?Even the W3C recommends against using it.You have absolutely no idea what you're talking about. Oracle practically runs their business on Java. They have zero incentive to pull it. What's more, they just convinced IBM to contribute to OpenJDK. ...
Apple isn't stupid enough to believe that Java server-side developers will magically transform into Objective-C Cocoa developers. They're more likely to jump ship altogether.
Not on big iron in Fortune 500 companies, where it's used to run mission critical apps, and very well I might add.
Thanks for your free career advice, which I have no doubt is worth every penny .NET is not a serious option for non-webapp server-side development because Microsoft has constantly broken backward compatibility with new .NET releases, whereas Sun/Oracle have been religious about it. The methods in java.util.Date that have been deprecated since Java 1.1 are still there. This is the kind of reliability that's crucial to large companies that have mission-critical Java...
I noticed an odd issue. As soon as I updated to Firefox 3.6.11, certain images on AppleInsider don't show, including the logo, background image, and pictures in articles. The images display just fine in Safari. I tried relaunching Firefox several times, with the same effect. Also, clearing my browser cache didn't help. Any idea why this is?
Oracle uses Java extensively for GUI development, and many of their GUIs run on OS X. Also, with the investment Oracle is making in JavaFX 2.0, I doubt very much they can stand to lose 20% of the desktop market. What I don't know is whether Apple will open source its Java GUI implementation, sell/license it to Oracle, or do nothing.
You're confusing things. Java is strong on the server, especially among Fortune 500 company, and your reasoning that Java is only good for GUI development is absolutely specious. I work for a Fortune 500 company doing Java server-side development, and I can assure you that Java's going nowhere. Cocoa/Objective-C is limited by two factors: 1) It only runs on Mac and iOS 2) Objective-C is starting to become long in the tooth as a programming language (Apple's excellent...
Do you have any examples of said 64-bit Windows software that's only 32-bit on Mac?
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