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I don't see why Apple should buy Adobe, but if they did, they should do nothing less than kill Photoshop for Windows and make it Mac-only, not to mention kill Flash as well.
The only reason they would do this is if there was a large enough share of website customers that didn't have Flash installed. That will only happen if the iPad really takes off. Otherwise, why bother with the HTML 5 video functionality as well as Flash?
Consumers do much of their surfing from work. To give you an example, if Facebook were to drop IE support, the site would go probably suffer a huge drop in usage. With much of the "customers" of social networking and other "consumer" websites forced to use IE, the benefits of moving the HTML 5 are totally out of reach.
OK, so IE 6 is on its way out, but IE 7 is still going strong. Last time I checked, IE 7 didn't support HTML 5, and neither did IE 8.
As long as IE 6 remains the corporate browser of choice, HTML 5 will have a hard time taking off. Consider this article: http://www.infoq.com/news/2010/02/Go...t-Old-Browsers Among the assertions: 1) As of April 30th, 2009, IE 6 represents 60% of all corporate browsers. 2) Digg tried removing support for IE 6, and found that most of its usage was by people logging in from work. A large number of them can't upgrade or install another browser since those are...
Making it better? There were MP3 players before the iPod, yet Apple perfected the product. Which two statements that I made are contradictory?What is it about a keyboard-mouse trackpad that wouldn't "just work" ?Precisely. The technology to make a keyboard-mouse trackpad exists. Apple has the knowhow to perfect it. How do any of my statements contradict this? All I'm saying is that up to this point, Apple has been unusually conservative with the technology that...
I've seen external keyboards with the crappy generic laptop trackpads. That's it. Nobody wants to innovate beyond the standard keyboard + mouse paradigm.
I don't understand why Apple hasn't yet introduced a multi-touch keyboard/mouse surface as FingerWorks has. For a company that prides itself on innovation, they're being surprisingly conservative. I was surprised that they came out with the Magic Mouse at all, instead of an external trackpad, which would have been more useful considering the usefulness of the MacBook (Pro) trackpad. As a geek, I find that the movement from keyboard to mouse/trackpad and back again...
Looks like Firefox isn't supported because it's an open source project that can't pay royalties on the patent-encumbered H.264 codec.
I'm reading this book now, and I find it very interesting. Thus far, I haven't fooled around with Objective-C Cocoa programming because the syntax is so alien and I haven't had the right context to learn it. This book does an excellent job of explaining that Objective-C is a strict superset of C, and goes on to devote an entire chapter to C itself. Then next chapter talks about the extensions to C that Objective-C provides. Thus far, my impression of Objective-C...
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