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Apple isn't stupid enough to believe that Java server-side developers will magically transform into Objective-C Cocoa developers. They're more likely to jump ship altogether.
Not on big iron in Fortune 500 companies, where it's used to run mission critical apps, and very well I might add.
Thanks for your free career advice, which I have no doubt is worth every penny .NET is not a serious option for non-webapp server-side development because Microsoft has constantly broken backward compatibility with new .NET releases, whereas Sun/Oracle have been religious about it. The methods in java.util.Date that have been deprecated since Java 1.1 are still there. This is the kind of reliability that's crucial to large companies that have mission-critical Java...
I noticed an odd issue. As soon as I updated to Firefox 3.6.11, certain images on AppleInsider don't show, including the logo, background image, and pictures in articles. The images display just fine in Safari. I tried relaunching Firefox several times, with the same effect. Also, clearing my browser cache didn't help. Any idea why this is?
Oracle uses Java extensively for GUI development, and many of their GUIs run on OS X. Also, with the investment Oracle is making in JavaFX 2.0, I doubt very much they can stand to lose 20% of the desktop market. What I don't know is whether Apple will open source its Java GUI implementation, sell/license it to Oracle, or do nothing.
You're confusing things. Java is strong on the server, especially among Fortune 500 company, and your reasoning that Java is only good for GUI development is absolutely specious. I work for a Fortune 500 company doing Java server-side development, and I can assure you that Java's going nowhere. Cocoa/Objective-C is limited by two factors: 1) It only runs on Mac and iOS 2) Objective-C is starting to become long in the tooth as a programming language (Apple's excellent...
Do you have any examples of said 64-bit Windows software that's only 32-bit on Mac?
What's weird is that there's a link to download iTunes 10 from the Apple site, which then offers iTunes 9 and says that iTunes 10 is "available soon". What I'm wondering is whether this is still Carbon app or if it's now a Cocoa app.
Well, unless AppleInsider, all the other rumour sites, and numerous Wall Street analysts (ok, the last ones are *most* likely to be wrong ) are all out to lunch, Apple is about to end AT&T's exclusive contract. Since the iPhone 3G, Apple has shunned the tactic of granting exclusive contracts to mobile carriers, preferring to do business with multiple competing carriers in most countries outside the U.S. For instance, in Canada, the iPhone and iPad data plans are...
My point is that any voice/video communication can be disabled over 3G as opposed to Wi-Fi, effectively preventing iPhone cannibalization.See my point above. Apple will ensure the 3G touch doesn't cannibalize the iPhone. The iPad?Perception is reality. The mobile carriers' business plan of ripping off customers by thinking they're getting a cheap or free phone has worked incredibly well. Personally, I abhor cell phone contracts, but I'm in a very tiny...
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