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I assume the MacMini lock slot is compatible with any laptop lock, but I wanted to confirm before buying one.
When I was running Windows and Linux at home, I used to move my mouse to the right to close my windows and click on the "X". Since I got my MacMini, when I'm at work on my Windows machine, I find myself instinctively moving my mouse to the left of the window when I want to close it and end up double-clicking the application icon instead of the "X" to the right of the window. Has anybody else had their Windows habbits "corrupted" by Apple?
I know how to configure keyboard shortcuts from the System Preferences application. I was referring to the lack of fully configurable shortcuts for operations that I came to expect from WindowMaker, an XWindow environment which is effectively a direct descendent of NeXTStep. Namely: 1) Launching a specific application. I would love a keyboard shortcut to launch a terminal window, or to launch Firefox. From SystemPreferences, this doesn't seem to be possible. (I know...
Can somebody recommend a good USB KVM switch to use to switch between a Mac and PC? I'm not certain whether or not I want to pay any extra costs for one that supports speakers as well as the keyboard/mouse and VGA monitor.
I'm a former Windows user who received a MacMini exactly one week ago. Since that time, the OS X experience has exceeded my expectations, expectations that were already very high. My only notable dissapointment is the lack of fully configurable keyboard shortcuts encompassing all possible user interaction. Having said that, the reason I was able to implement the switch so easily is because I'm very computer literate, which meant that I knew how to tranfer the files...
Nevermind. It appears it's on the CD that came with my MacMini, but it's not installed by default. WHEW!
I just installed fink and would like to install packages from source. When I tried to run fink, it complained that it couldn't find gcc or cc. I looked around the Fink site, and it pointed me to XCode and to the Apple Developer Connection site. When I tried to sign up, it asked me to subscribe to a plan where I'd have to pay for membership in order to download XCode. Do I have to pay Apple to compile software on my own computer? If so, this is ridiculous! Can...
OpenOffice, while adequate, isn't all that great on OS X, especially since it's essentially an OS X port of OpenOffice that runs under X11. I tried opening an RTF file in AppleWorks and it crashed on me, so that's out. For idealogical reasons, I refuse to use MS Office. Is there a good, stable word processor for OS X with a basic but reliable set of features? If all it does is reliably edit RFT files, I'll be happy.
Thanks. I had no idea what the oval was for. I must have pressed it unknowingly when I first ran Safari. Now I can see the icons. From here, it was a simple matter to set my default browser. As you can see, I'm a former Windows/Linux user who has yet to master every detail of the Mac world In fact, I just got my Mac on Thursday. I was afraid there was a flaw in the installation. Thankfully, as with the rest of OS X, the system is pretty much flawless.
There's something wrong with my preferences screen. This is what I see:http://www.home.mycybernet.net/~ldeg...l/Picture3.pdf As you can see, there are no icons at the top. It only shows me my bookmark preferences with no way to switch. This happens regardless of what I do in Safari. It looks like some kind of bug or something that was installed incorrectly.
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