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Blackberry is still the preferred smartphone for the enterprise. Usability aside, BBs still rule this market because of the enterprise software ecosystem, including custom apps, and the superior encryption features. Usability doesn't count for much, because the people who buy corporate smartphones (CFOs and purchasing managers) are different from the people who use them (employees). As long as BB meets the feature list requirements for keeping corporate data secure...
Apple isn't licensing that tech from Nokia even though everybody else in the industry is. These aren't software patents but patents on real physical technology. On the other hand, Nokia has refused to license the tech to apple on the same reasonable, non-discriminatory terms as everybody else. They want access to some of Apple's valuable patents, one that Apple really doesn't want to license. This is the issue. Hopefully the courts and the ITC will be smart enough...
One thing that Flash does is help keep Linux available as a desktop computing option. All web content is available to Linux users in part thanks to Flash. If that content switches to HTML 5 and H.264, then Linux users won't be able to view it with an open-source browser. The only option would conceivably be Google Chrome, once that version comes out of beta for Linux.
I tried XCode and while there is code completion, it doesn't stack up well against Eclipse and Netbeans (again, I'm talking about the code editor, not the whole IDE).Yes, but underneath Objective-C, you have C, with all of its advantages and flaws. For many things, Objective-C is more verbose than languages like Java or Ruby, because you need to define many things twice in the header file and the object file. I'm not speaking out of ignorance, I read a book on it and...
On another topic, I saw the lack of multitasking as being the #1 disadvantage of the iPad. I see multitasking as being far more critical for the iPad than the iPhone/iPod touch because it's far more closer to a general computing device. Having said that, Apple's implementation of multitasking in iPhone OS 4.0 (do they need to rename it now?) does solve this particular issue adequately.
Sorry to be off topic a little. As much as Apple's tools impress me, including the new C lang and LLVM compiler, I can't help but ask myself why, in the interest of developer productivity and adoption, they haven't, at the very least, tried to give developers an alternative language. Having read about Objective-C, I know that it's a very thin object-oriented layer around the C language itself. This gives it advantages in that it makes it easy to call a wide variety...
I don't see why Apple should buy Adobe, but if they did, they should do nothing less than kill Photoshop for Windows and make it Mac-only, not to mention kill Flash as well.
The only reason they would do this is if there was a large enough share of website customers that didn't have Flash installed. That will only happen if the iPad really takes off. Otherwise, why bother with the HTML 5 video functionality as well as Flash?
Consumers do much of their surfing from work. To give you an example, if Facebook were to drop IE support, the site would go probably suffer a huge drop in usage. With much of the "customers" of social networking and other "consumer" websites forced to use IE, the benefits of moving the HTML 5 are totally out of reach.
OK, so IE 6 is on its way out, but IE 7 is still going strong. Last time I checked, IE 7 didn't support HTML 5, and neither did IE 8.
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