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What's to prevent Apple from including a 3G antenna on the next gen iPod touch that works with T-Mobile's GSM frequency?OK, I guess the answer to my question is "nothing much".
Yes, I am speculating. I have no inside information. Apple would probably disable Face Time over 3G, effectively preventing iPhone cannibalization. Apple has changed its mobile device business model from exclusive contracts with mobile carriers to wide open competition. For instance, in Canada, the 3 major carriers all sell the iPhone. The iPad 3G has no requirement for a contract. Yes, I've thought this through. It's perfectly consistent with Apple's...
Wi-Fi and 3G iPod touch 4th generation. Same 3G-type plans and no exclusive as the iPad. You heard it here first.
My Macbook Pro battery died today. I bought it in Feb 2009, before the models with the integrated batteries came out. Fortunately, despite the fact that it's out of warranty, the genius gave me a free replacement. I asked him how I should maximize my battery life and he told me that I should drain and recharge the battery at least once every two weeks. He also said that batteries should normally be good for 500 cycles, but mine died at about 350. I'm a little...
Wrong again. The compiler, runtime and standard libraries were all open sourced, with the exception of the Java applet runtime and some sun. libraries. The version of Java distributed by Oracle is binary that includes source code that developers can use for debugging within an IDE, but the openjdk codebase is open source and is available to download. That's the JDK that Red Hat and the other Linux distros distribute. That version has passed the TCK and had been...
You're wrong. Java has been open sourced under GPL2, with exemptions such as the sun. packages and the browser plugin. But here's the rub: Java is patented in such a way that only a complete implementation is licensed royalty-free, not a superset or a subset.
This is HUGE and will have a substantial impact of Apple's fortunes with the iPhone/touch/iPad. Why is nobody talking about this? http://arstechnica.com/open-source/n...redibility.ars
Now the XCode editor finally catches up to Visual Studio, Eclipse, and Netbeans. The code completion and debugging was inferior to those IDEs. Now Apple is applying a formula that works, which is the single window view of the other IDEs. Still, they managed to also come up with at least one brand-new idea. The code and GUI side-by-side view is something I haven't seen, but is a fantastic idea.
You haven't addressed the fundamental question. A subscription model won't work, because I can't afford to visit all the sites I currently visit if they all were to force me to buy a subscription. The question is, no more matter how tasteful and non-intrusive their ads are, how are these sites supposed to survive without advertising? Indeed, how is, say, 90% of the internet supposed to survive without advertising? Do you really want to live in a future where every...
Do a google/bing for either "Safari Reader Nuclear" or "Safari Reader Mass Destruction" and see what you come up with.
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