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Looks like Firefox isn't supported because it's an open source project that can't pay royalties on the patent-encumbered H.264 codec.
I'm reading this book now, and I find it very interesting. Thus far, I haven't fooled around with Objective-C Cocoa programming because the syntax is so alien and I haven't had the right context to learn it. This book does an excellent job of explaining that Objective-C is a strict superset of C, and goes on to devote an entire chapter to C itself. Then next chapter talks about the extensions to C that Objective-C provides. Thus far, my impression of Objective-C...
Perhaps this is one of the reasons that Apple is rearchitecting iTunes to be less of a fat client app and wore of a webapp? It's now possible to listen to music previews using only a web browser. Soon, it will be possible to buy music over a web browser. Perhaps that will help the consumer ratings.
I'm not sure if this just affects Canada or the U.S. as well, but tons of movies on my AppleTV wish list that were available for rent have become buy only. I'm not sure what's going on. Is this a Canadian thing, or are the people running the movie industry turning into even bigger jerks than before? Maybe this has something to do with the Comcast-NBC merger, with cable companies leaning on the movie industry to cut down internet rentals. Anybody have any idea...
Ever heard of Linux? There are Linux users with iPods who complain that Apple is deliberately preventing them from syncing with their iPods, or that they can't buy music because Apple won't write a version of iTunes for Linux. Granted, Linux represents about 1% of the installed base of desktop OS's, but an all-browser iTunes would allow Apple to sell music and other content to those users.
I decided to try the Mac version of Chrome. About literally 2 seconds later, I decided that I have no use for it. Why? Ads! Tons of obnoxious ads on AppleInsider that I wasn't even aware existed because Firefox blocks pretty much all of them (with the help of AdBlock Plus and FlashBlock). What's worse is that the Mac version of Chrome doesn't yet support extensions. Even Safari does a better job of blocking ads, mostly due to ClickToFlash. I choose to remain...
Does anybody have a good free text editor to recommend for OS X? Basically, I want something that's developer friendly, with as many of these features as possible: 1) Colour syntax code highlighting (ex Java, C, Perl, HTML, etc) 2) Column select mode 3) Line numbers 4) Character numbers in line 5) Regular expression search and replace (grep) 6) Line wrapping on/off 7) Tabs or equivalent 8) Diff between files I have MacVim and it does most of this, but the...
If I was to take the Psystar side of the argument, I'd have to defend the position that copyright itself is invalid, given that it's not real physical property, and has been abused, extended, etc. Other than that, I'd have no clue how to go about it. That's not my personal position, just how I'd approach defending them if I were in a debating class or something.
Anybody want to argue the Psystar side of the case? Come on! We're dying to hear from you!
If it weren't for all the reinstalls that required reboots, no. Otherwise, I'd never have to reboot OS X, contrary to XP and previous versions of Windows, where practically every application install requires a reboot, and the colloquial "solution to all Windows problems" is a reboot. By contrast, only kernel updates seem to require a reboot in Linux.
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