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Exactly -- heat is kinetic energy.  And patenting what James Watt did to measure power & energy by stirring water is absurd.  How dumb does AppleInsider think its readers are?   Well, a new low in wasted energy & inefficiency! Winds are driven inefficiently by solar input.  Windmills are driven inefficiently by winds.  Fluids are heated by stirring them with a windmill.  Heated fluids drive an engine with less than Carnot efficiency (<50%).  And finally, an...
Wow, what are all those dark green areas off in the distance? Oh yeah forests that Apple hasn't yet cut. This shows full ignorance of the environment and the problems with emissions. It also explains why I'll not be buying any Apple product until whoever manages this kind of absurd development wises up to science
As I wrote to Tim Cook on why I won't be buying any Apple products... I - Their supply chain labor exploitation needs to end... a) Even the latest investigation & commitments to fix exploitations fail to address key worker rights. b) Many jobs must be returned to the US. c) Their valuation & cash on hand are obscene, given a) & b). II - Their Maiden, NC plant is not environmentally respectable... a) They consumed 100 acres of forest...
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