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Apple are going to make a phablet so you might as well leave now .... for a phone maker that makes phablets. Apple needs them, they will have a continually shrinking Asian business if they don't.
Haha. Pretty funny. NSA.
This is exactly the point. In Asia big screens have wiped out a large part of the iPhone user base because people don't have the room in their 600sqft apartments for even a laptop. They have one big screen phone and that's it. Whether people here are mature enough or not to accept it, Apple is selling phones that are too small for Asia.
I've been saying in this forum for ages, from my vantage point in Asia, that Apple is being wiped out by the big screen Android phones. They should have reacted years ago and released a big screen phone. Seeing iPhones in the hands of people in Hong Kong is rare nowadays. Unless the iPhone 6 is big and innovative it won't do that well.
The market is demanding a larger phone and no doubt Apple will provide it. There are so few iPhone users left in Hong Kong I'm getting lonely.
Haha. I have this feeling Apple will be paying a lot more tax in Australia in the future.
I think it was "get out of the bloody stock". Thank goodness that TC didn't pander to the bottom feeder climate change deniers. I'm glad to see only 2.95% of people at the meeting were that thick. Edit: he actually said "I don't consider the bloody ROI"
I think some people here need to let go "it" and consider that Apple was once where Canonical is now.
Here we go again, the usual instant skeptics trash his analysis. The fact is that Ming is usually right.
Sorry, I missed why it's highly suspect. Sonny posts real stuff, look at his iPad Mini leaks.
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