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There was a lot of talk about the 5C being for the China market where people supposedly couldn't afford a 5S. This was wrong. People can afford it, but more importantly it has no prestige and has a too small a screen. They would be better to quickly scrap it, make the 5s the entry phone and have 2 big screen phones. Everyone in Asia has big screens now.
I think iWatch may actually be an Apple TV. There is no way they will get ITV as it is a very large and well established TV station in the UK.
Since people in Asia want something different to stand out, they would like the colours. The fact that it doesn't have a bigger screen will course it a lot of problem in Asia.
The above guy has been posting all over the Internet. I wonder if iW@tch with an @, is the same as iWatch, according to patent law?
Yes it's all about getting people into the ecosystem.
What some of you don't understand is that in Asia colours and anything else that makes your phone stand out is really popular, as are big screens. If they don't increase their Asian customer base they will continue to be outsold and swamped by Samsung.
I like it. I wonder, however, what 3rd party icons will look like with the new ones....
Most of Asia is using Samsung at the expense of Apple products. You may not like to hear it but its true. I live in Hong Kong and I travel weekly all over Asia, from as far north as Japan to as far south as Indonesia and I work in a large local company. I can tell assure you that I see less than a quarter of the number of Apple products than I used to. Samsung big screen phones are everywhere. My teams used to be all iphone, now me and maybe one or two others in groups of...
Asia is now Samsung territory, Apple product use has significantly declined. That has got to have a lot to do with it.
That what I mean!!!
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