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What a bunch of w*nkers some of you are. Do people really need "proof" that Apple maps are bad? Statistically? Come on.... I hope AA stays on this and doesn't let Apple off the hook. They treated their customers with contempt and even admitted their Maps are so unusable people should use other products.
It's plain ignorant to suggest this map controversy is overdone. Foe most people maps is much less useful than google maps and is, practically, a significant downgrade. They need to bring google maps back ASAP and spend some time fixing apple maps or just dump it.
As someone who lives in ( the free part ) of China,I can assure you all that it does have laws, but they are usually ignored by the police and judiciary if money passes hands or it makes Chinese feel like others think they are rich. Oh, and the Iraq war? It was illegal and, no, resolution 1441 did NOT authorize and invasion of Iraq.
Where I live, and where i regularly travel too, it's hopelessly unusable.
Classless response. The classy thing todo would be to pull it and put google maps back on. I'm not buying iPhone 5 till they do
Apple have done everything wrong with iPhone 5. Strange dimensions, appalling maps, downgrade quality software and an unmitigated ripoff cable. It's the first iPhone I don't want.
Does this mean the chip is not required if a cable is produced that is not reversible?
Remember Nokia?
Harden the F**k up, Google!
He probably likes Australia because it still has a good society, universal healthcare, a strong economy with little government debt, strong social services, a low population, great arts and fantastic beaches... But hey I'm biased...
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