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Having lived in Adelaide for a few years i can confirm that this would be the most exciting thing economically to happen in the city since the Multifunction Polis.
It's been going well for 6 months. You are just used to paying too much for what is a pretty simple device. $120? For a battery, adapter and case?
I have chinese a 2100 mAh iPhone 5 Morphie style battery pack and it cost me the equivalent of $20 in Hong Kong.
Why am I not surprised there are the usual assortment of people objecting to the Mayors reasonable request? These companies could easily implement a cutoff policy to help the police and people who have had their phones stolen.
If they think a cheap iphone without a bigger screen will sell in Hong Kong they have another thing coming. Most locals have moved on to big screen Samsungs.
It's really pathetic to watch some of you attack the German courts for enforcing consumer and privacy laws that are what the public want and expect. I respect the Germans because at least there the people, and not big business, rule.
It's a massive mistake to not increase display size. Apple is being killed in Asia by not having larger screens. EVERYONE is changing to Samsung. I wish the American based execs would come to Hong Kong and walk down the street.
Apple is falling into the same trap it did in Australia and other places with pricing where they rip off the public by charging more than they do in the US. This is terrible customer relations as everyone knows and are really offended by it. This is the reason also why everyone outside the US has a US iTunes account.
I'm still finding the purple tinge a real problem, it was not blown out of proportion. As for 12mp, Apple is playing catch up still, I hope they exceed expectations with screen size and features.
Misguided? Doesn't make sense really. Samsung has the cool factor that Apple once had in Asia. The Asian gutter refers to the inability of people here to do anything classy or creative of their own. HTC has no special reputation at all. Sony is like I fear Apple is going, once great now ..ho hum...Western style and quality is king generally. Samsung, as I said, has the cool factor so all they need is the perception of high end quality and they will be unstoppable. The...
New Posts  All Forums: