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If Samsung get their build quality and design out if the Asian gutter and somewhere near western quality they will push Apple into a small corner of the Asian market. Since Apple is so slow to release that a large screen size is very important in Asia, Samsung will complete their already considerable cleanup of Apple's market share if they add quality.
The key point in this issue is the heritage listing of the building. That is the main reason a proper restore is required.
If Apple thinks a 4" screen cheap phone is going to inspire people in Asia they had better think again. I hope they do a 5" phone of some sort because everyone has them here. A cheap phone is also questionable for Asia. They are the prime status symbol for many societies. People was classy upmarket name brands, not "the cheap one".
Colour choice and a larger screen size are critical to Apple suceeding in Asia. Elegant means different things to different people in different parts of the world.
Groveling is groveling. Apple needed to show the Chinese govt. that they bow to their power to shut them down if they want. Apple apologized to its customers over various screw ups but they never groveled to them. Apple was made to bow to the power of the Communist party and their power to destroy their Chinese business at a whim. They showed them that a few directives and Apple's business in China is at an end. Apple have never done this before this in any way, shape or...
All these experts on larger screen models or not.... The proof is in the enormous numbers of Samsung big screens being sold in Asia. It will save their market share and business in the long run.
Shows you how important China is to Apple. Who else has Apple grovelled to?
I would sugest if you think everyone in Asia is poor you put down the US propaganda media you are consuming and open your eyes. In Hong Kong, Singapore and the other big cities around Asia Samsung is taking huge market share and these people have lots of disposable income. This to me is a classic case along the line of Nokia's lack of entry into the smartphone arena a few years ago. Apple, with its Many of its executives and their typically unworldly US style world view,...
Not clear what new revenues a larger screen would generate? Enormous is the answer. EVERYONE in Asia is going for larger screen Samsungs. I filled in a form the other day where everyone in my "workgroup" had to put the model number of their phones and tablets. I was the only one out of 15 who had an iphone or ipad. Everyone else had Samsung stuff. This wasn't the case a year ago. Asia loves bigger mobile devices.
Culturalist maybe, not racist.
New Posts  All Forums: