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I don't think people will bother to pay even $1 when there are free alternatives.
Did someone say it was cool to like Apple maps!? Bwhahahahaha!
In denial? Are you feeling ok today? I live in Hong Kong, Apple maps is useless here. In addition, street view is a must in finding locations in this densely packed city. Addresses are commonly building names, Apple Maps has no building names so address are impossible to find. I spend a lot of time in Australia, GM is far better there. I travel in the course of my work worldwide (aviation), i can barely ever use Apple maps unless I'm in the US or Canada.You just don't...
Of no practical value whatsoever, unlike street view.
iPhones are becoming much less popular in China, I see it every day. Apple needs to innovate fast...more screen sizes and more cool tech.
I lI live in Hong Kong and commute to my place in Australia once or twice a month. I travel 20 days a month to most of the rest of the world in the course of my job. I cannot use Apple Maps as it almost never can find my destinations because the map data is inadequate.
Who is he kidding? It may work within 20 miles of Silicon Valley but Apple maps is still a disaster in the rest of the world.
Barely legal teen is pornographic? BS. Suddenly ive lost confidence in icloud mai.
For those of you that don't live in China let me explain. The problem stems from poor education, a "we will develop first and clean up later" attitude and the fact that Chinese only care about money and their immediate family, in that order.
The reason why this is big news in Hong Kong is that sim locking, or any restrictive phone practice, is unknown in Hong Kong. It is probably illegal as well. They will almost certainly win this as it seems to be againt the Consumer Authorities rules. Apple has tried to sneak this in and they are going to suffer for it.
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