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Flyover show users nothing useful. Streetview is essential if Apple want to suceed in mapping. Also labeling buildings and locations correctly. They are still 10 years behind in this.
The dysfunctional attitude of some on this website is sad but hilarious to read.
Wow $80? Now that's a bargain...
How much for the juice pack? $100 i bet. I bought one a month ago for $24 in Kong Kong, works great on a busy day. There are a few different cheap brands available already. Update: wow $80. Now that's value....
It is embarrassing reading how people here disrespect the man who is responsible for some of the greatest advances in computing. Further, he is, unlike Jobs, a genuinely decent person. Woz is telling Apple truths that they desperately need to hear from a broad customer perspective. Blindly dissing him is juvenile.
Best mapping platform? Google maps is vastly better as even Tim Cook knows. I won't be having anything to do with it until it has street view and can find addresses, any address, where I live. This won't happen for at least 10 years.
Looks like some around here are all upset a jailbreak has arrived...
Any wonder why that news story the other day showed what i've been saying here for ages? The one that showed that iphone use is falling in the trend setting cities of Asia (Hong Kong) and Singapore)? Apple needs to stop acting like old men and start to excite it's customer base again. I'll be jailbreaking shortly to try to inject some additional interest again...
Its not really just the begining. Consider what the sales would have been without China. They are loosing ground everywhere besides mainland China.
Apple is loosing Asian market share big time because people here really want larger screens. This rumor adds up.
New Posts  All Forums: