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Like I keep on saying, Apple in Asia is nowhere near as popular as it was, iPhones are relatively rare. I worked with a team the other day who almost all had iPhones a year ago and today they ALL had Samsung phones...
Could it also be that in Asia everyone is moving to Samsung phones? I see it every day, it's rare to see iPhones in Hong Kong nowdays.
They shouldn't call it 911 or any other number, it is dangerous. Teaching people in countries where the emergency number is not 911 ( everywhere) will eventually lead to someone calling that number in ignorance.
Looks cheap and nasty.
Makes sense. People here in Asia are ditching the iphone in droves for the larger screen Samsungs. It's their attempt to stop that happening.
How about Apple just concentrate on getting streets show in locations where they have nothing? They cannot be deeply social if there are no streets.
Fairly useless idea really since Apple is loosing customers hand over fist outside the US to Android, Foursquare wont address this.
I downloaded it and tucked Apple's Mapping app in my folder of little used programs.
Now they just just need to fix the crappy wifi on ios6.
So right, now how do we delete Apple Maps and integrate it in the OS? I guess a JB will eventually do that.
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