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95% will stick with Apple maps? Who are you fooling? Millions will download and use it on day one.
Its all very amusing, "haha soy milk latte" etc but Mildura police have dealt with, and expended resources on people getting dumped in a state forest, lost. It's life threatening and people have died in similar circumstances. The Google maps "error" is a 2 lane road and not for heavy vehicles, not the same thing. This is another Apple Maps fail and a serious one.
As a resident in China. 1/ the guards didnt intervene because he was a foreigner or working for foreigners 2/ the scalpers are not "skipping" work or on lunch breaks, they are professional scammers. 3/ the profit comes from the desire of being the first to have the device 4/ the ipad mini is not that popular as people who want a smaller tablet are getting Samsung Phablets. 5/ the mark up early on is 50-100%. Anything to be seen to be the first
People are only criticising when stuff doesn't live up to the hype. "The most beautiful maps" bs, IOS6 being a downgrade for many people, "just works" not just working for many people. If Apple want to charge a premium price, they can expect people to want premium service and performance.
Congratulations to Apple for doing this, the public will appreciate it.
Huh? He certainly got what he deserved. He screwed up two major product launches and worse, was a disruptive influence on the board. A bit more realism and a little less glassy eyed love needed here.
Even though i can't find anything at all on Apple maps i hate everything else and i realise that i LOVE Apple maps.
Tim Cook apologized for the crap state of the mapping app..."I'm just saying"....
Yes one of the reasons Australia has virtually no foreign debt is efficient tax collection, and a level of tax that pays its way. 21 years since the last recession, they must be doing something right.
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