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Thank god that google is coming to the rescue... And nokia.
Nokia maps are FAR superior to Apple maps. This will be a huge bonus to those poor iPhone 5 users who are stuck with the map downgrade. Nokia has been mapping for over a decade and their data on locations, building and businesses is on par with Google.
So Apple need Nokia to save IOS 6....
Blame for this appalling hire rests on Cook. I really do wonder why he thought " hey the guy who built Dixon's retail presence is GOOD!" A bit like "hey this map app is great! Release it!" I really question his judgement sometimes.
There is no need to pay out on people who feel it is over priced, its their opinion. This is not a US election, right? Having said that i believe that it is $329 because the ipod touch is $299, but it is probably worth it as you are paying a bit more for quality.
Great news. $2 cables again. Well done to the Chinese manufacturers.
There are thousands of knock off iphone 4 accessories in Hong Kong being sold for virtually nothing. They are largely being replaced with thousands of dirt cheap Android accessories as these phones are becoming predominant.
What a dolt. Perhaps you are simple enough to need a :s or something. Let me be simple for you, "Hey Google is coming to rescue the functionality of the iPhone 5, quick lets buy it"Does that help you, kiddy?
Given that Tim Cook recommends people use other mapping apps can we all agree they built an embarrassingly bad app?
New Posts  All Forums: