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If this comes out I will be able to buy the iPhone 5. The Apple Maps app is useless.
How pathetic to watch a bunch of people try to justify the crap quality of Apple Maps when compared to Google Maps. It's a bit like comparing a Lada to a Mercedes Benz.
You really are having trouble accepting that in Asia people are moving on from the iPhone. The pathetic thing about this is that you clearly have never been anywhere and you just can't accept that Apple, in some parts of the world, doesn't satisfy people. Trying to argue against something you have no idea about says a whole lot about you.
You may not like it but you really wouldn't know what is happening in Hong Kong, now would you? The iPhone is not in the running here as the "next big thing". People are moving to Samsung and other Android devices very quickly. Fact. There is a big wide world out there.
I don't see why. I've lived in HK for 15 years and do business on the mainland. They are vastly different places. The mainland is a backward place compared to Hong Kong's legacy of modern liberal education and its British style institutions and public service. I'd you've been to both places only once you would see the difference is immense. Hong Kongers see themselves as the civilized part of China, and rightly so. And they have moved on to the next big thing.
This is all coming a bit late to Hong Kong in a way. Samsung phablets and smartphones are getting very very popular here, it is uncommon where I work to see iPhones except in the hands or westerners. Most of the local Chinese people are going for the Samsungs. I suspect this is to do with the fact that people want less devices and bigger screens as they live in fairly confined places. It's a psycology, it's efficiency. Mainland china is different as people a poor and...
Street view is widely use, as a matter of fact I used it today. Being in denial about Apple Maps is not going to improve the situation.
Problem is you can't then search and initiate navigation after being off line, like you can with Nokia maps.
Did I just read that someone believes that Apple's maps app doesn't have worse map data than Google's?
Are people really defending Apple for charging a fortune for a cable? These thing should cost a few bucks. They will cost a few bucks in the next month or two and all that effort to sabotage the accessory market will be for nothing.
New Posts  All Forums: