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Dumb question: Can I stream to my iPhone or am I limited to the AppleTV?
I can EASILY get 24 hours of battery life including two 30 minute workout sessions. Hard for me to believe the watch can't go 2 hours. 
I disagree. I almost always have to have two windows going to complete whatever project I am working on. Writing, CAD, Keynotes, you name it.
If Apple really wants to make the USB-C an industry standard, stick it on every iOS device you can. Then you have your industry standard after they sell 100 million units. This is the easiest way to force the adoption of the port. Will USB-C fit the current iPhone 6? No clue.
If I purchased a music streaming service in today's market, I would spread that rumor too. That may get you a few moments of publicity.
I ordered through the app at approximately 3:06 am. 42mm M. Loop. Paid via ApplePay. Still in processing. :(
With the workforce moving to more and more automation anything is possible. Vietnam wasn't the only country listed either.
Call me crazy, and I am sure many will, but I expect to see Apple's China footprint to further reduce.
To be clear it is called "Lens Resolving Power".Don't take my professional word for it, take a minute and Google this and you will see Canon state this regarding their L lenses (which I have a lot of).So yes, a 50mm 1.2 L (which I own) will not fully resolve 50MP and will get an update. It's a fact and I am surprised we are even having this discussion.Sony has been designing the FE lenses with this in mind as well.
Would love for someone to review this on a MacPro. I would snatch it up today.
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