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Apple really needs to do something in this space since they have the device locked down. Make it an option and give us the choice. f.lux makes the Mac bearable to look at at night and does help with my sleep. If Apple is concerned about health the way they claim, then step up and implement a solution to help with this issue.
The 6S+ is a lot more stiff than the 6+. They fixed that.  They have started the waterproofing already. Wireless charging would be nice. I wouldn't argue with better battery life either. 
I wonder why each new Mac refresh doesn't include at least one USB-C port.
There is an app on the App Store for $2.99 that will tell you. The link is in this thread.
I purchased a 6S + (outright) and walked out of the store. I decided to go to ATT and sign up for service. Apple said it was unlocked and would work on any network the iPhone supported. I did have to choose a carrier in the store so I chose att as they had the model phone I wanted.
MacRumors posted link to an (unverified) app that will tell you. Another may have popped up but I have not kept up with it. I am not that curious at this point.
Dumb question: Can I stream to my iPhone or am I limited to the AppleTV?
I can EASILY get 24 hours of battery life including two 30 minute workout sessions. Hard for me to believe the watch can't go 2 hours. 
I disagree. I almost always have to have two windows going to complete whatever project I am working on. Writing, CAD, Keynotes, you name it.
If Apple really wants to make the USB-C an industry standard, stick it on every iOS device you can. Then you have your industry standard after they sell 100 million units. This is the easiest way to force the adoption of the port. Will USB-C fit the current iPhone 6? No clue.
New Posts  All Forums: