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How many operate in a non-admin account on their mac?
Using the Terminal? What is that? I have never heard of it. Looks hard. Oh my! Hey, when is Apple going to release Photos? I can't edit my photos with their limiting applications. Wait, I can purchase Third Party apps.  Admitting you haven't heard of Hazel may indicate you are a little to deep in the kool-aid bowl. Throw in TextExpander and three keystrokes handles your performed email with the shared link. 
It is not a chore to do this with Dropbox. You put a file in a folder. Then you share the link with whoever and tell them they have X days to retrieve it. Use Hazel to watch that "folder" and delete any files after X days. Pretty simple.
Or if you want selective sync (which I can't find?). I want to store files in the cloud without hogging my SSD space on my MBA and MacPro.
IDisk user checking in. Apple will have to earn me back into their cloud. I simply use the device backups for added safety even though I backup to my computer every other week. I haven't turned on iCloud Drive and won't before the Yosemite release. Not sure wtf they were thinking activating that so early. Makes no sense for Mac users. Dropbox isn't perfect but it's further along at this point and is reliable.
 I don't agree. Not one store in my area ran out of iphone 6's. Not one. China or not does matter. That is like saying if the USA did not get the iphone on debut weekend they would have sold those phone's elsewhere. I completely disagree. Removing part of the pie is removing part of the pie.
Without China. So yeah, not bad.
The App lets me choose my options but I can't get the "Continue" button to come up.
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