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If I purchased a music streaming service in today's market, I would spread that rumor too. That may get you a few moments of publicity.
I ordered through the app at approximately 3:06 am. 42mm M. Loop. Paid via ApplePay. Still in processing. :(
With the workforce moving to more and more automation anything is possible. Vietnam wasn't the only country listed either.
Call me crazy, and I am sure many will, but I expect to see Apple's China footprint to further reduce.
To be clear it is called "Lens Resolving Power".Don't take my professional word for it, take a minute and Google this and you will see Canon state this regarding their L lenses (which I have a lot of).So yes, a 50mm 1.2 L (which I own) will not fully resolve 50MP and will get an update. It's a fact and I am surprised we are even having this discussion.Sony has been designing the FE lenses with this in mind as well.
Would love for someone to review this on a MacPro. I would snatch it up today.
 Will come in the 5D4. These are not aimed at those customers. Only lenses since 2010 (October 2009) have been designed for higher MP like the 5DR and 5DRS per Canon.  Detail. Detail.
Someone give me a few reasons why Apple has not purchased Qualcomm yet?
This would be a big win for Samsung. I bet the US Government would raise an eyebrow over possible future security concerns. I also believe this would give Samsung a second try to get it right this time. I bet Samsung would like to get away from Android as much as possible and Blackberry needs development.
We don't know what configuration they would use and just how fast that would translate relative to speeds today. 12 cores may get the job done. We just don't know. Two years is a long ways off in tech land and that could be three generations of A chips. Maybe they are developing a BA chip (Big A) that would shed all new light on this and ease speed concerns. 12 cores of A series chips would probably appease most average Mac users today. Push all that aside. What does this...
New Posts  All Forums: