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 Will come in the 5D4. These are not aimed at those customers. Only lenses since 2010 (October 2009) have been designed for higher MP like the 5DR and 5DRS per Canon.  Detail. Detail.
Someone give me a few reasons why Apple has not purchased Qualcomm yet?
This would be a big win for Samsung. I bet the US Government would raise an eyebrow over possible future security concerns. I also believe this would give Samsung a second try to get it right this time. I bet Samsung would like to get away from Android as much as possible and Blackberry needs development.
We don't know what configuration they would use and just how fast that would translate relative to speeds today. 12 cores may get the job done. We just don't know. Two years is a long ways off in tech land and that could be three generations of A chips. Maybe they are developing a BA chip (Big A) that would shed all new light on this and ease speed concerns. 12 cores of A series chips would probably appease most average Mac users today. Push all that aside. What does this...
The iOS version is awesome. It solved a lot of problems for me. I consider it one of the best apps on my iPhone and Mac.
 I was all in with Aperture. I forced myself to choose another program to use after Apple announced they were dropping Aperture from active development. After all, I could not rely on Apple for my pro photography needs any longer after pulling that stunt. I tried C1, DXO, and LR. All three have pluses but LR was the best fit for me. I have really come to enjoy using the program and I only really miss two things from Aperture. Aperture's "Auto Enhance" feature.The ability...
How many operate in a non-admin account on their mac?
Using the Terminal? What is that? I have never heard of it. Looks hard. Oh my! Hey, when is Apple going to release Photos? I can't edit my photos with their limiting applications. Wait, I can purchase Third Party apps.  Admitting you haven't heard of Hazel may indicate you are a little to deep in the kool-aid bowl. Throw in TextExpander and three keystrokes handles your performed email with the shared link. 
It is not a chore to do this with Dropbox. You put a file in a folder. Then you share the link with whoever and tell them they have X days to retrieve it. Use Hazel to watch that "folder" and delete any files after X days. Pretty simple.
New Posts  All Forums: