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You mean the blue screen of voice. I have two paid Skype accounts. I hate that MS is involved now and I hope the service gets better instead of going backwards.
No USB 3 and two Thunderbolts ports...
Am I the only the one thinking that dropping FTP support is a bad idea?
I bought it through the App store so I hope they make 4 a free update to those early App store purchasers. Would be nice anyway.
Can any of the British on here please define the purpose of the Royal Family?
Not much. He may just want them to get back in his own culture. Btw, anyone think Ive looked 56??????
I have two friends that have one. I can only make it drop one bar with the death grip. I call bull on CI.
I'll believe this version is easier to setup line of bull regarding OS X Server every time they release a new OS. I truly hope they have a server version a user who is a little above average can install and make use of. TIme machine backups, shared wiki's, shared calendar and address book, software updates should be a piece of cake to work with and offer "I want in" or "I want out of" access to the server benefits without a lot of work.
The more money you have in a savings account the lower the interest rate. Apple may just have conservative views on how to invest their money.
People need to realize it takes three to tango. The President and Congress (House and Senate). Within those three entities there are people who are affiliated with political parties. Each person and party have been bought by big business. So let's all not kid ourselves. Point a finger at who you want. Blame whomever for us being here. I'll start with George Washington if it makes everyone feel better. Fingers can be pointed at everyone including myself. Let's get...
New Posts  All Forums: