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$69 for physical drive or you can download it for $29 and place it on anything you want. I don't see the problem here. Seems Apple has provided something for both camps.
I could be wrong but citing my memory when Apple actually states a month or season for releasing something specific, they tend to drag it out to the last second. I am beginning to think Lion will be the same way. I would imagine they want as many approved Lion apps as possible in the MAS on launch day.
My 11.6" is the perfect size for being able to use a computer and travel. I stopped complaining about this when it came out. The aspect ratio of the screen mixed with light weight is awesome. I always wish for more battery life but I can't complain about 6 hours in that form factor.
As long as Windows requires x86 instructions, Apple will have x86 processors because virtualizing is a big deal, IMHO. But it is Apple we are talking about so who really knows.
It's not solely about purchasing questionable goods but desalting them. I'd love to know how a teenager found a Chinese business man with legit white iPhone parts many months in advance.
Yeah, the frequent train stoppages never cause problems.
Did Adobe ever release a MBA specific version to not suck the battery dry?
You mean the blue screen of voice. I have two paid Skype accounts. I hate that MS is involved now and I hope the service gets better instead of going backwards.
No USB 3 and two Thunderbolts ports...
Am I the only the one thinking that dropping FTP support is a bad idea?
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