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It's not solely about purchasing questionable goods but desalting them. I'd love to know how a teenager found a Chinese business man with legit white iPhone parts many months in advance.
Yeah, the frequent train stoppages never cause problems.
Did Adobe ever release a MBA specific version to not suck the battery dry?
You mean the blue screen of voice. I have two paid Skype accounts. I hate that MS is involved now and I hope the service gets better instead of going backwards.
No USB 3 and two Thunderbolts ports...
Am I the only the one thinking that dropping FTP support is a bad idea?
I bought it through the App store so I hope they make 4 a free update to those early App store purchasers. Would be nice anyway.
Can any of the British on here please define the purpose of the Royal Family?
Not much. He may just want them to get back in his own culture. Btw, anyone think Ive looked 56??????
I have two friends that have one. I can only make it drop one bar with the death grip. I call bull on CI.
New Posts  All Forums: