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Any idea on how a patent that was approved can be invalid? I am clueless on this stuff.
I hope that is true. I can't believe they get to announce before Christmas!
But you switched because of AT&T, not for the phone. At least at first according to your own statement.
But Johny Ive said having no camera was a good thing. Why the iPad has no front facing camera and no Alarm clock is complete crap.
The best and worst kept secret no one actually knows about in the business. I love rumors!
You mean quote tge entire article to post one line?
Google should sweep in and try to buy them.
New subscribers that are data hungry are in it for Verzon. I can't believe you actually asked if the VZW logo will be on it. Everyone said the Intel logo would be on Mac's, it wasn't, then the AT&T logo, it wasn't, I can guarantee you that Apple won't let any logo on their phone but theirs.
Probably sell the dongle or use the MacApp store.
Battery life is still very underwhelming. The release of the iPad confuses the entire which do I really need. The small one is calling my name but has half the battery life as my 13" MBP.
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