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It's in and it's fast. Maybe intel will get their drives out soon because I need another one for a mini.
No resolution independence. Not cool.
My older iMac i7 Quad Core 2.8 GHz has a hard drive - ModeltST31000528ASQ It is no louder than my WD.
Whoever thought this idea up, Apple needs to grab. That is truly a cool product. Imagine if VZW had thought of this a year ago with a normal phone plan. Wow!
Thanks. I appreciate your thoughts. It seems the UniBodies are much easier to open but looks can be deceiving sometimes. Regarding your HDD, I understand that people need space. My brother is one of them. He needs the space and is interested in a 1TB drive. For some reason, I have always used my notebooks as satellite machines. I mostly work off the iDisk regarding file storage. I really just load the Apps I need and no more. This way if something happens, not a big deal...
Newest 27" iMac Spec's: 2.93 GHz QC i7 with a Western Digital WDC WD1001FALS-40Y6A0 1 TB drive.
I wonder if the X-gale will make it's way into 2.5" HDD enclosures. Seems like 1TB of affordable storage is almost here. I just purchased a 240 GB 2.5" drive last night from OWC to put in my MBP 13" (latest model). It really touched the wallet to make the move but I am hoping for a nice return on responsiveness.
I have two 27's. First and second gen models. I notice the hdd sound on my new one more but it is present on both. Never gave it a second thought really.
I have the OWC branded SSD coming in 250 GB size. We shall see the difference.
Did you consider going with an SSD hard drive? Which MBP do you have? I have a new 13" MBP and have not opened this one up yet. I was wondering if you found the unibodies harder to open compared to the replaceable battery models which were very easy to open and tinker.
New Posts  All Forums: