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I think they will start helping out cities like Detroit when they stop looting stores after lost or or won ballgames. You know, act like civilized people. I am glad they did this and may in fact know one of the people involved on the Cherokee side getting this done. I am going to shoot him an email right now. There is another language among the Cherokee that is only spoken by one or two people now. There are others trying to get as much learned and recorded as possible...
Google Latitude sucks the battery's dry on our iPhone 4's. I wish I could set a manual update interval.
Agreed. My 11" air feels as sturdy as my 13" MBP unibody.
Woz is a crazy dude that everyone loves. 10 phones? He may want to think about an 11th one! LOL
I understand. However, my MBP 13" has always been faster in either situaiton. Update installed and we shall see now after a few days how fast it wakes. The first test went well. It came up within a second. I consider that normal. Use to, it was a 3 - 5 second process to see the login window from a wake from sleep. Egads!
It is correct in the "story" view but has yet to update in the forum.
I for one will enjoy this because my 11" has never been "instant on". It is slower than my 13" MBP which is FAST, like all the Mac's before it being ready for a login when opened so I really never understood the "instant on" thing.
Underground tunnels are a great way to keep the world above green and populated with trees and shrubs.www.boxculvert.com seems to be one way underground tunnels could be constructed and installed in a quick manner speeding up construction. I think this project sounds great and I am going to have to read me some more information on the car-less city mentioned.
I just want a bar code reader for ipod and iphone. iSight recognition is too slow.
This just in: AI is flooded by drama queens proclaiming to never buy another Apple product. Jobs and company lose no sleep. More at 11.
New Posts  All Forums: