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Has anyone had a chance to run VMWare Fusion on an 11.6" MBA? If so, what is your experience like (fast, slow, comparable to my 13" MBA, etc.) Version of Windows you are running Windows apps most often used 11.6" Ram and HDD spec's. Thanks!
How long before and who buy RIM?
If you mean Mac Pro's loaded out, I disagree. No way they kill that line. I have a system that needs another Mac Pro (12 core) in place to run an internal service at work. No machine except the XServe or MacPro has the horsepower to do this. There is no way Apple kills the Mac Pro. I have considered the Xserve in the past but it just didn't fit our needs. I could easily see how it may fit other's needs and I am curious to why Apple has done this. To me, it doesn't make...
On my iMac, which way is the top?
Any idea on how a patent that was approved can be invalid? I am clueless on this stuff.
I hope that is true. I can't believe they get to announce before Christmas!
But you switched because of AT&T, not for the phone. At least at first according to your own statement.
But Johny Ive said having no camera was a good thing. Why the iPad has no front facing camera and no Alarm clock is complete crap.
The best and worst kept secret no one actually knows about in the business. I love rumors!
You mean quote tge entire article to post one line?
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