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It is correct in the "story" view but has yet to update in the forum.
I for one will enjoy this because my 11" has never been "instant on". It is slower than my 13" MBP which is FAST, like all the Mac's before it being ready for a login when opened so I really never understood the "instant on" thing.
Underground tunnels are a great way to keep the world above green and populated with trees and shrubs.www.boxculvert.com seems to be one way underground tunnels could be constructed and installed in a quick manner speeding up construction. I think this project sounds great and I am going to have to read me some more information on the car-less city mentioned.
I just want a bar code reader for ipod and iphone. iSight recognition is too slow.
This just in: AI is flooded by drama queens proclaiming to never buy another Apple product. Jobs and company lose no sleep. More at 11.
We have over five refurbs at work, no problems. A core duo would handle Fusion and excel. If that is really the kind of work tour doing, get the cheaper one and save $$$.
Not a gamer but a traveler. Probably a third of my reason for the bumps and drops. Another third for hoping for better battery life, and tge last third because every Mac should be snappy like the Airs.
You can't make calls with Google Voice using VOIP so I imagine that is why they made it iPhone only. Still dumb to limit the devices as I use GV Mobile + for my Google Voice needs since it is great for texting on an iPod Touch or iPad without having to have a real phone. The Push Notifications are the best thing about the Official Google App. Beyond that, it is basic, has few options, and after all this fuss and long wait, underwhelming. GV Mobile + is still king. If...
Sorry to have been so fast to post an incomplete response. First, it boots as fast as the new MBA. I've timed it as fast as 16 seconds but routinely gives an 18 seconds to login screen. Obviously, not that big of a deal but is very noticeable. Second, after logging in, it takes one second to load all my services and be ready to use. I have Growl, Syncman, Quicksilver, and several more. I mean one second before the computer is ready to use. It is crazy. My notebook has...
It's in and it's fast. Maybe intel will get their drives out soon because I need another one for a mini.
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