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True to my word, I will pull the trigger on a sub-notebook with normal size keyboard from Apple. The 11.6" looks like a winner.
I would love to know Apple's answer to this, albeit hypothetical in most likelyhood.
Which of which and baking net books??
I could see Apple implementing a Rosetta (emulator) solution if they really, really had no other choice. There are a lot of emulators used on desktops to run arm based applications and some are quite impressive. Not the best way but definitely doable in a pinch. I happen to agree with you though, they are "all in" on arm. To me on any mobile device, notebooks included, battery life is the biggest deal.
Moore's observation has not been accurate at all about much anything.http://www.maximumpc.com/article/The...f-Moore--s-Law I agree that Apple is safe in the mobile market with the A4 and I think they will only widen the gap with performance and battery life over the next 18 months. After that, it will be interesting to see what happens.
maybe it is just me but ARM has a larger head start than a few years. The are king of lower power and I don't see that changing anytime soon. Intel has made a good run with their notebook line of processors and the Atom looks like it has potential, but it seems it hasn't really made the progress you would expect. We'll see I guess.
We should track his predictions and see what percentage of the time he is correct.
Lighten up a bit? I am for one glad to hear progress on this front. I know this is the one feature integration I love about the Android devices although I am no fan of Android after using the iPhone.
While I agree you, I wish Apple would come out with a 7" model. Better size for me.
Do elaborate.
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