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Still down
  Are you a professional? That would make the difference in being turned off over Aperture and being patient. The writing is on the wall, get with a company that won't abandon software so you are not caught with your pants down again. I love Apple but I really question why they just couldn't keep on with Aperture. At least I had some notice before football season. FCPX, Motion, Compressor, and Logic Pro. Let us hope they don't go away.
At least they didn't pull an Aperture move. These days I'd rather not see my pro apps from Apple mentioned on rumor sites. I squirm with hesitation to read they will be discontinued. 
If Lightroom had Apertures Auto Enhance (very best I've seen), White Balance (skin tone option), non-destructive workflow, color overlays when brushing, etc this would be a lot easier to swallow. Lr's lens correction and water marking does help.
A firmware version would help the community narrow this down. 3.06 has some dropping out of the sky due to a bug.
What firmware were you flying with? You may have experienced Vortex Ring State (VRS).
The other ten clients running Mavericks in my office. We all suffer from the same problems. Even my home machines have the problem.
We are having to constantly quit Mail and reopen for our mail to fetch. I guess that falls under iMap.
You would think they would fix Mail.app before exiting to Yosemite. I think yearly updates are nice but it seems they leave some problems unresolved. I guess that is how you forge ahead and progress.
The real question will be: "How many fart apps will be allowed in this new store?"
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