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A firmware version would help the community narrow this down. 3.06 has some dropping out of the sky due to a bug.
What firmware were you flying with? You may have experienced Vortex Ring State (VRS).
The other ten clients running Mavericks in my office. We all suffer from the same problems. Even my home machines have the problem.
We are having to constantly quit Mail and reopen for our mail to fetch. I guess that falls under iMap.
You would think they would fix Mail.app before exiting to Yosemite. I think yearly updates are nice but it seems they leave some problems unresolved. I guess that is how you forge ahead and progress.
The real question will be: "How many fart apps will be allowed in this new store?"
I guess it depends on what you moved from. A mac mini that was cursed with problems (crucial SSD and 16 GB ram) but had to reinstall Mavericks every two restarts. Before that it was a 2010 27" iMac with spinning HDD. My plugins are (NIK, Noiseware, etc.) are much improved and batch processing is awesome. Best feature is editing in Pixelmator for those special photos. 
Ordered mine on March 17 and it arrived on April 23.    If you are a pro and work in Aperture, it is more than well worth it. It is flat out amazing.
It does not work with iClouds keychain.  It is an EXCELLENT solution. I use it on my iPhone, iPad, and multiple Macs. Read their blog. They are smart, caring, cautious, and innovative. This program has come a long way from the beginning. Worth every penny.
Highway robbery? Probably not. Each time Intel decreases the size of the process (i.e. 90 nm to 60 nm), the cost rises. 
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