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I am not so sure that is a correct assessment. I may be wrong to but I would guess Ive would be less flexible on the software than Forstall. Wasn't it Ive's and Job's bent on iBooks looking like a real book? I still wonder why I can't scroll up (or down) the page like a PDF when reading a book. Would be much easier reading in bed.   All I am saying is that I could see Forstall going toe-to-toe with Ive's and everyone knows how that is going to end.
We have a Nest 1.0 but also have a duel fuel unit. I will upgrade to get that compatability for this winter but other than that we love our Nest unit. It has saved us $15 to $20 per month since installing it.
Wife has an iPhone 5 as well, work, home, car, etc. 
I have 5 lightening cables now. I thought it best to just get the cables until I can get an adapter or two later.
Designs like this CPU scare intel because imagine what they are doing for notebook cpu's that we haven't seen...
I was surprised to see a scratch on the back of mine. 64GB white vzw
By 2014 we will have a newer iPhone.
Build number confirmation would be nice as asked above.
So much for that company firewall they were hoping to keep in place to retain Apple as a customer. 
I have 40 more minutes to download the 4.34 GB file. I'll let you know then. 
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