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If the next MBA is an Intel powered, and I assume it will be, for it to not have a fan I will assume for more intense processing for both CPU and GPU (Apple Aperture for me) will come with a performance cap to keep the heat away. My current Haswell MBA will run the fans while editing on the go in Aperture, especially if I am exporting and editing.    This would mean that at a certain point, it would just throttle the processing to a point and no more, maybe even backing...
Excel and Access are the only two programs in that suite that are relevant to Mac/iOS Users. Access is more niche and less desired by the majority of Mac/iOS users. Excel could get $100 a year from me without question for my iPad or Mac. When you are a craftsman, you try to use the best tool for the job. Excel is just that for those of use in business. It is the best tool for the job.
 Joined: Nov 2004 Location: The kool-aid stand... Posts: 2,495 online  What camera are you using that saves a 120 MB RAW file, on a cropped sensor to boot??????
Looks like Google has their hands full...
Where does it get it's power? Most people don't have wired detectors. Solar?
I have the beta before the GM installed. Says I am up to date. Anyone have a link? the Developer portal still just has the GM.
There is NO WAY Apple discontinues the Air. That is the future of notebooks, like it or not. I would say that about the MBPs before I would the Air's. The Airs will be retina when the battery life and performance is within whatever standard Apple decides. That day is coming. Haswell may be the key to this happening.   Personally, I think Apple could have waited for Haswell a bit on the rMBP. Seeing how I don't have any performance specifications on the Haswell in a rMBP...
Some people's comments are uninformed. The biggest savings from the Nest comes from that last ~15 minutes of use. Whether it is your AC or Heat, it turns them off minutes prior to reaching your temperature and just runs the fan. This takes advantage of the heat for a few minutes without using the heat. So I save about an hour a day in my experience of run time. This adds up. The rest is easy. It's programmed. It doesn't drop to 50F in my house at night. If I leave and...
I agree with the need for a very large vehicle to just load this stuff into. I do believe that a store in Paris could easily inventory that much equipment.
If you shot long exposure with ND filters, you would shoot RAW or you would take really bad photo's. Ken is going off Ken's work experience and what he does. I am sure that if he strapped on a Lee Big Stopper he would have a change of heart. The blue hue can only be cured correctly and completely in RAW in post production.
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