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Yes. I am getting the error here on the East Coast.
I will be upgrading two iPhones with the 5 hits this year. I had planned on switching to VZW. This reinforces that decision.   It's my data, I'll use it how I want. I wish I didn't have to pay to be a hot spot. It's my data!
I wonder what Google is thinking about this right about now. Would only using one HUD over an eye good enough to skirt this patent?    Ouch! 
I would rather the MBA's get them first. But I'm selfish.
I just ordered an 8 core and I am good with that. The current design runs quiet and very cool. I can shut it down and remove a hard drive that instant and not get burned. I hate that the new update may or may not be coming but the need was now and it is clearly going to last a long time. Our quad core from way back in 2007 (I think) is still going strong.
I think this sounds plausible. SSD prices fall so you leave small SSD in 11". Use current gen. processor after the new one comes out and up sale.    Kinda like how they do the "New iPad" and the "iPad2" at the same time.
You can't just "charter" or "lease" capacity without incurring rising costs to your own price. Overtime, employee's, rentals, etc. all make brief moments in time like these more expensive. If it didn't work this way, everyone would own a freight company. Companies have to get freight capacity from smaller outfits and they may or may not charge more. My guess is they are not as efficient as UPS and FedEx.The article is just stating since Apple has taken a large chunk of...
Awesome. I just want Excel. Nothing more. But sounds like MS can't loose on this move.
Maybe my memory is not so good, but did Steve Jobs not say that they were done with cat names? Someone straighten me out.
Too soon to read about this stuff for me.
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