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I haven't read through all of the contents but Apple missed a great opportunity (if one can call it that) by not scooping up NIKsiftware and integrating the u-point tech with their software suite into Aperture. Google picked them up first.
I agree with this. There was a time when getting around the site was quick and easy. While I haveno trouble navigating the site, I know plenty of people that do.
Why couldn't Google just have done turn-by-turn before the fight? They ended up doing it anyway! Btw, not available on App Store.
My crazy comment is taken back.    That's expected!
That's crazy!
I would guess that Apple's purchasing power allowed them to drop the capital outlay down for these plants without even thinking about it. With Apple "diversifying" they most likely have to justify the expense and building that plant becomes a serious ROI question.
@jwsmiths Your points are valid. But at this point it is just a recompile (simple view) for an app. If you have an app in the Mac App Store I could see Apple saying that by this date you better have binaries (leading to larger file sizes I assume) that support both 86 and Arm or your app gets pulled. If you see MS Office make it to the MAS, watch out in a few years. I would bet Apple is betting they know best.
I am not so sure that is a correct assessment. I may be wrong to but I would guess Ive would be less flexible on the software than Forstall. Wasn't it Ive's and Job's bent on iBooks looking like a real book? I still wonder why I can't scroll up (or down) the page like a PDF when reading a book. Would be much easier reading in bed.   All I am saying is that I could see Forstall going toe-to-toe with Ive's and everyone knows how that is going to end.
We have a Nest 1.0 but also have a duel fuel unit. I will upgrade to get that compatability for this winter but other than that we love our Nest unit. It has saved us $15 to $20 per month since installing it.
Wife has an iPhone 5 as well, work, home, car, etc. 
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