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I have 5 lightening cables now. I thought it best to just get the cables until I can get an adapter or two later.
Designs like this CPU scare intel because imagine what they are doing for notebook cpu's that we haven't seen...
I was surprised to see a scratch on the back of mine. 64GB white vzw
By 2014 we will have a newer iPhone.
Build number confirmation would be nice as asked above.
So much for that company firewall they were hoping to keep in place to retain Apple as a customer. 
I have 40 more minutes to download the 4.34 GB file. I'll let you know then. 
Click on the banner at top of AppStore to get to the link. Mine is now downloading.
Yes. I am getting the error here on the East Coast.
I will be upgrading two iPhones with the 5 hits this year. I had planned on switching to VZW. This reinforces that decision.   It's my data, I'll use it how I want. I wish I didn't have to pay to be a hot spot. It's my data!
New Posts  All Forums: