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Now maybe VMWare. Will support Lion in Lion. I've been waiting to set up a Lion Client and Server SandBox.
Who makes the calls on whether to move the MacBook line to ARM processors? Really. Would that have been a Jobs chce or by some committee? Jobs seems to have the "it" factor and balls to make changes regardless of public opinion. Will the Apple team have that going forward? I'm counting on it.
I am with you on this one. Since I no longer have a DVD player in the house, it would be handy for streaming DVD's from my iMac to my TV.
That is a lot of money for a "free" OS that is "open."
I remember them and that was a long time ago. Would you say that OSX is simple as well? Probably not. Very complex OS that makes it seem simple. Time will tell. I could be wrong. I would be surprised if Apple moved completely away from x86 chips that supports Windows. Let's face it, that alone helped them become more main stream by virtual support of Windows at near native speeds.
Read esummers posts. I completely agree with both of you. Why not embed an inexpensive ARM chip to handle the lightweight stuff and have a low power Intel to get the heavy weight as needed? Maybe too much trouble but where will OSX be in two years? Who knows. Maybe the last cat name is tied to a bigger, new era of Mac computing. If Apple can make their OS efficient "instruction" wise to a processor that is designed around the OS, they will eliminate the need for normal...
My 11" MBA 2010 runs just fine. I can't really tell a difference on anything I do between it and my Quad-Core 27" mid-2010 2.93 GHz. There are exceptions but the SSD drive in the MBA levels the playing field. I would imagine that hand brake would run MUCH slower on an MBA if it had a optical drive in it. Other than that for me, I think for most people, it is not completely unreasonable to assume an advanced A6 quad core ARM chip may in fact be suitable for MBA's.
Did you really just say those rumors belong on a rumor site??????????????
$69 for physical drive or you can download it for $29 and place it on anything you want. I don't see the problem here. Seems Apple has provided something for both camps.
I could be wrong but citing my memory when Apple actually states a month or season for releasing something specific, they tend to drag it out to the last second. I am beginning to think Lion will be the same way. I would imagine they want as many approved Lion apps as possible in the MAS on launch day.
New Posts  All Forums: