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And AI does have an article up AND it seems like the Parallels article to me. I have no problem with it.
Probably because as a paid VMWare Fusion customer, I still have not received an email from VMWare about the new release! Thanks for the heads up!
Also ESL people appreciate it and myself which I can't ever get a volume set correctly because a BOOM is megaloud and a conversation is mega quite. It is about time they add this. They need to add them to the movies as well. That is the biggest problem for me.
It doesn't look that way at all. Read their stories when Apple releases a new product or any other stories where new products are released. They are all done the same. Get over yourselves. We come here for the rumors and news, if you can't deal with it, no one is forcing you to stay.
The Lion integration is what I am waiting for. I wonder how the 3D stuff on a virtual Lion install is like? Regardless, I am ready for official Lion support in VMWare and I hope Parallels gets them moving a little faster.
Now maybe VMWare. Will support Lion in Lion. I've been waiting to set up a Lion Client and Server SandBox.
Who makes the calls on whether to move the MacBook line to ARM processors? Really. Would that have been a Jobs chce or by some committee? Jobs seems to have the "it" factor and balls to make changes regardless of public opinion. Will the Apple team have that going forward? I'm counting on it.
I am with you on this one. Since I no longer have a DVD player in the house, it would be handy for streaming DVD's from my iMac to my TV.
That is a lot of money for a "free" OS that is "open."
I remember them and that was a long time ago. Would you say that OSX is simple as well? Probably not. Very complex OS that makes it seem simple. Time will tell. I could be wrong. I would be surprised if Apple moved completely away from x86 chips that supports Windows. Let's face it, that alone helped them become more main stream by virtual support of Windows at near native speeds.
New Posts  All Forums: