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And I thought he was going to rant about having to leave iTunes open on my computer to enjoy my content throughout the house and how un-energy efficient that is. Bummer.
Slim the case down but don't stop making it. We rely on a MacPro that has run great for over four years now. I see where they are coming from but I like the internal drive bays. Yeah, I guess thunderbolt external drives here we come with a mini attached. It is inevitable...
Maybe it has been covered already but it is for AUTOMATIC sync. If you manually sync with iTunes on your network it does not have to be plugged in. I haven't noticed the Automatic sync working yet but I have not made many changes so time will tell.
I have a battery life issue with my 4S. At 58% and been on wifi all day long. I have about 20 minutes of talk time.
Did you switch the language over to UK?
I wonder how much money SJ put into cancer research? My guess is that he gave a lot of money and if I were in his position I would have done the same.
Backing up the phone to the cloud has yet to work for me. I have 55GB of space and 43 GB free so this shouldn't be an issue. I plug my phone in every night and it has a wifi connection. I get the "Incomplete" message but no matter if I start it manually or not it never happens.
He is a better man than me. I would have sold.
More weirdness from MS. They should have a better go of it in the mobile phone sector once they get going. I just doubt it will be anything like iPhone or Droid success but I expect they will have ok sales numbers.
I can almost understand T-Mobile piling on (lack of iPhone) but I do not get VZW weighing in. While this is certainly not suicide for VZW or T-Mobile, it doesn't make a lot of friends at Apple. I would not be happy with the filings if I were Apple.I think your second point nails the reasoning behind this.
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