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It has EVERYTHING to do with it. So why quote...http://www.electronista.com/articles...share.outlook/ ...at me. That's one of the very pieces I'm talking about.Yes. I said the same thing. Your pricing structures are different to the rest of the world for some reason but I don't think, as the electronista and Daniel's piece extrapolated, that Apple was the company with aggressive pricing in comparison to Nokia. It's clearly not the case outside the USA in Nokia's core...
Sales of smartphones WORLDWIDE grew 16% last quarter over the previous year. Sales of smartphones in the USA grew 79% in the same period and now accounts for 25% of the world market. EUROPE was up 29%. Asia/Pacific down 5%, Japan down 24%. So, in the markets where the iPhone and RIM are popular, there sales went up. In the areas Nokia sell, they more or less cancelled out European growth with downturns elsewhere. The growth area in smartphones is the USA catching up. It's...
Nokia's prices are only high in the USA and Canada. You seem to have a different pricing structure than elsewhere that mandates high handset prices. Is that Nokia's fault or Rogers? I would guess the latter. Elsewhere, Nokia's smartphones have no problem challenging the iPhone, outselling them 20-to-1 or so.
What? Nokia's stance that they weren't going to get into a pricing war had nothing to do with smartphones or the iPhone which sells for MORE than ANY of their phones here. Take the USA/iPhone blinkers off! Out in the rest of the world, Nokia is facing competition throughout it's models from the low end to the high end. For some time now LG and Samsung have been churning out mid range models every few months that differ slightly and go for nothing. The war isn't at the...
What I'd like to see in iTunes... 1) Strip the iTunes store out of iTunes to a store application or just a website. Strip out syncing entirely. Publish an open spec for managing the iTunes Library so Windows weenies can use other music managers without the heavyweight Apple-esque weird interface of iTunes. 2) Add iPod, AppleTV and iPhone support into iSync. It has plugins for each set of data you want to sync just as you've got in iTunes already. If you attach an...
Ok, so go look at RIM's sales figures in Europe where Nokia are hot. Almost non-existent. Most of Nokia's smartphones come with ActiveSync or Blackberry Connect software built in so you've got a Blackberry but then all the other stuff Nokia give you too like 3G, a decent camera and GPS.
Same here. I've a Nokia 6310 on Orange, An SE T610 on Vodafone, an SE P910i on Orange and a various other phones in the drawer. All allow tethering. I've not had a phone that hasn't since 1998 or so. Paying for tethering seems to be a USA only idea.
That report says that Nokia specifically didn't mention who the competitor with aggressive pricing was. Seems unlikely it's Apple when the iPhone 3G sells for more than Nokia's N series here in Europe.
You've only got to look at what they're adding in 10.6 Server to realise there's lots of new features in OSX Client. http://www.apple.com/server/macosx/snowleopard/
I've seen those on a few TV news programs. To me it's always looked like the reporter is 'miming' the touch screen and there's actually some tech guy behind the scenes just clicking NEXT on the broadcast equivalent of Powerpoint.
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