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Usually you can tell by right clicking on the toolbar and if you get the option to customize it, it's cocoa BUT some apps emulate that behaviour, such as, and I may be wrong now, Safari.
Which Apple Apps are NOT Cocoa now though? iTunes - inherited but there's quite possibly cross platform reasoning there. Safari? - not inherited but again cross platform reasoning Final Cut - partly inherited Logic - inherited Filemaker - old and cross platform Everything else, especially the in-house born stuff is Cocoa including iLife, iWork, Aperture... and it shows or maybe they just hide it well. I just can't bear to even look at some of the...
There's currently a whole group of applications that need a stylus that the iPhone doesn't run that are even more prevalent on a larger screened tablet computer. On my current phone I use a stylus to sketch directions and MMS/Email it to others. It's not possible currently to do that on an iPhone. It's also a kind of digital fag packet for ideas and I end up with pages and pages of scribbles on my phone's notes app.
That's one more than required. The ASA have to look into every complaint.Generally they don't make claims that can not be backed up so they end up advertising a burger and a price rather than claiming it's healthy or the cheapest or the largest. It's been that way since way before McLibel too. Apple got caught out for using a nonsense phrase that was easily disputable. They've been caught out before such as when they claimed the G5 PowerMac was the fastest computer...
Just by looking at the direction Apple apps were taking for their UI I'd suggest it's been obvious for a long time. Carbon UIs stand out like a sore thumb. I think the problem is Adobe's cross platform UI library and also the old Macromedia crap they've inherited - carbon and Javascript based! Merging all that together and stepping up to Cocoa style UI guidelines and cross platform is going to be some job.
That's how it used to work back in Quicktime 4-ish days.
300 baud modems? Luxury! We never had 300 baud modems when I was a kid. My father used to make us string up two paper cups wit bit of damp sisal between them and shout gopher* protocol packets down t'line. * also missing from the iPhone
What? 90% of sites are somehow deficient because you can't see flash content on the iPhone? Do you work for Adobe? If I designed a website that relied on Flash then I'd quickly lose a client. I think you'll find it's more like 90% of sites (if not more) function just fine without Flash. AI's only use of Flash is advertising and it's not really a bad thing that they don't show as far as a visitor is concerned. It's possibly a bad thing for advertisers and AI although I'm...
Nokia aren't making the claim.
It's a thoroughly stupid phrase to use anyway. Internet != the web. On the other hand though, the lack of Java means I can't access the built in web server in the UPS for my servers with an iPhone whereas I can with my 5 year old SE so I have some sympathy with the complaint.
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