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Not really. Developers have been told repeatedly that the future is Cocoa if it wasn't obvious already. The problem seems to be more Adobe's insistence on using a cross platform UI library.
I was going to correct that but really the 68000 was 16bit, not 32bit. It had a 16bit data bus externally just as the address bus was 24bit externally despite it being what we'd call a 32bit processor today internally and to code for, the exception often being Microsoft who would do stupid things like using the spare byte in the address instructions for other purposes. I also don't want to be defending Microsoft here but they've had a 32bit version of Windows out since the...
Exactly. My point was that Daniel was suggesting NAT was part of the "security diapers" for Windows when it's not secure and unsecured OSX computers aren't protected by NAT either.
In 7 years I've never had to repair permissions. What are you doing to your OSX installs that f*ck up the permissions on files?I think this is two seperate problems. One seems to be whatever you're doing with your OSX installs to f*ck them up which frankly isn't the installation process, while the iPhone issue seems to be the inability of the iPhone to run apps that are owned by more than one user id if the above report of sshing in and changing permissions is anything to...
WTF? So blame Windows for NAT? NAT is pretty darned useful for other purposes than just security by obscurity and on networks that just might have unsecured Macs on them too. It's not like we've not seen exploits on Quicktime have we?Which also turned out to be silly. Only the login details are sent encrypted, everything else is hanging out there as unencrypted traffic including your email, contacts, iDisk... yet this is apparently not a security issue?These articles on...
It's not really like that though. Nokia for instance shares the same phone inards across different models packaged in a slightly different way. I'd be surprised if they've more than 3 different hardware platforms in the 72+ million smartphones they shipped last year. Apple also haven't just one model - they've still got the original iPhone to support and the iPod Touch.
And let's not forget Plastic Bertrand. On the plus side though, they've the best beer in the world and no "probably" about it.
That's too simplistic. IMAP has supported push email for years with the IDLE protocol. I've been using it for years on my Symbian phone. Almost every mail server running off a cPanel based hosting company has had IMAP IDLE support for years. Apple Mail on the desktop in Leopard supports it. I don't recall if Tiger did. I would suspect that MobileMe actually uses IMAP IDLE to push email updates as does Yahoo Mail on the iPhone.
Symbian's certificate signing program is optional. It's not mandatory like Apples.edit: I forgot you can also 'Self sign' your apps - cost zero.
I even provided you links in my post to the Nokia and SE app stores yet you just spouted fanboy crap. IIRC there's over 20,000 applications in the Nokia store. sheesh! The reason I'm still with my p910i is there's nothing significantly better available yet. I'll get an iPhone 3G when they've released it on PAYG here and sorted out the bugs in the 2.0.0 release. Daniel's list of missing features is a suitable bug list for starters. I agree the iPhone is 'revolutionary' but...
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