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Quite the opposite. It's a good thing we have shit apps on there as one of the counter claims to not opening it up was Apple's apparent taste police. I'm missing the apps I want though still for remote admin - ssh and vnc. Surely someone developed those?
Oh and the much pilloried TripLog app made the cut too. Apple obviously has very low standards for entry into the app store.
Though we can download the USA's YellowPages.com app, which is terribly confusing. I think they'll need to sort out which apps are suitable for which country. There's a bazillion ToDo list and shopping list apps. Also, I noticed 'Things', the GTD app is £5.99 in the category page but when you click on the info link it's £11.99. Still a few things to work through then!
Worries? Oh the horror, darlings, of having one's personal shopper being seen shopping in non-Apple stores. Phew, shopping panic over.
Excuse me chaps, this is the British thread, not the USAian thread. Bugger off. Incidently, the old iPhone seems to be going for £250-ish on ebay.CO.UK at the moment.
Really? Oh arse. My trusty SE p910i gets to live another 6 months and I'd been dropping it a lot 'accidentally' along with hints about my birthday on the 16th too.
Flickr is more popular in the USA, like the iPhone is too, especially amongst alpha-geeks. It's as simple as that.
To answer myself, they'd not updated the UK. The upgrade is now £130 for the CPU and £389.99 for the SSD, total = £519.99 (just over $1000 inc tax). The top end MBA is now £1719 inc tax (£1462.98 ex tax) which is just shy of $3000 before tax. So, we're about as expensive as the USA now BEFORE the cut.
I'm guessing they've not got around to slashing the prices for the UK store. It's £190 for the 1.8Ghz upgrade and £639 for the SSD. A total of £829 (Yes, over $1600 inc tax). Or was it more expensive before?
Are you serious? The tariffs in the UK at least haven't changed price at all BUT you now get a free phone on some tariffs, you've the option of a cheaper £30 tariff and they added BT OpenZone support and most importantly they've added Pay-As-You-Go. Effectively the handset price AND the tariffs have got cheaper with the 3G iPhone. Yeah, we got 'no benefits'.
New Posts  All Forums: