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Thanks for a brilliant piece, Daniel. I sincerely hope minimalism and utilitarianism does not replace whimsy, which has been a part of Apple history since the beginning.
One thing they're ignoring (and it has nothing to do with the interface)%u2026 what about all those who have libraries larger than 25,000? At 28,000 , I'd be happy to pay a yearly premium, but it's not even available.
Bought at $118 but not many shares, because I didn't have the money at the time. Still, it's fun to watch my stock go up by 575%, and I wouldn't sell it anyway!  
There is a partial solution, and that is to boycott Google. The problem is, they're ubiquitous. You would find it very difficult to avoid them. I like the idea of paying per infringement: a million people = one hundred million dollars.  
  What? You didn't want to "save big money?" Heh, heh.  
  Interesting that rabid fanatical fanboys no longer apply strictly to those enamored with Apple. As a true Apple fanboy since 1989 (well, at least as an Mac owner since then), what is the difference in "fanboyology?"  
Even after MobileMe, I've continued to use my .mac address.  It still works, and I have the option to use either, with both coming in to the same mailbox in Mail. The only problem has come when I've used .me on a website and I try to login with .mac. While Apple realizes it's the same address, no one else does. It would be one PITA if I had to go and change my email address everywhere.
I love Apple's philosophy and ecosystem, despite occasional irritation.  I have a fantastic Samsung refrigerator, but the piece of crap Samsung air conditioner's compressor died after 6 years (with a replacement cost of $3000).  I'll continue to buy from both companies, but what truly amazes me is the way companies continue to do business with each other (Samsung supplying parts to Apple) with one hand, while donning the boxing glove on the other.
Oooh, that's good!  I know EXACTLY what you mean.  Glad you could get your comment in first.
I'm laughing because your comment strikes home with me. First was Nancy, second was Roxann, and third is Janice. And, no, I won't be using those if I forget my password.
New Posts  All Forums: