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Being a native, I'd have to say that don't compare so you made a good choice. Or just keep using Rolls Royce quality and ignore the ignorant attempts to correct you
Ah, I wondered when the limited edition diamond studded Rolls Royce model was coming, looks like it's about to hit!
Apple should just buy the Beatles. /s
From the second article: Personally, I'm going to leave it disabled and see how Samsung responds. I have a new 500GB 850 EVO that I'm planning to install internally on my late 2009 iMac (it's currently in an external FireWire/USB enclosure so it can't be enabled anyway). If you're willing to risk it, go to it. Just putting the info out there and others can decide for themselves.
More on the issue (in the comments section of the Ars article):  http://arstechnica.com/apple/2015/06/latest-os-x-update-allows-you-to-enable-trim-for-third-party-ssds/?comments=1 Also:  https://blog.algolia.com/when-solid-state-drives-are-not-that-solid/
I think the special edition Gay Pride Apple Watch is right alongside the special edition Heterosexual Pride Apple Watch. Unfortunately, they stopped selling the iPod socks in 2012 (from what I could find in a search), but that would have been cool. The rainbow includes all the colors of the visible spectrum, isn't that nice?
What's your vision, how do they (the gays) display this respect?
I think most will be 100% happy with this. Like any group, there will be those that want to push the boundaries. These of course will be the vocals ones you hear about in the news, while the majority are happy to continue quietly living their lives with their newly granted equal rights.
Personally, if I was LGTG, I woudln't want to get anywhere near a religious organization that thinks I'm going to burn in hell forever. But I can imagine there will be some that want to push the boundaries and potentially sue for not being allowed to be married by a pastor/priest in a church. I hope those lawsuits fail, defining a clear line. I would say hopefully then everyone will be happy, but that's unlikely to happen :) I married my wife on top of a mountain, and that...
I can see some very vocals ones trying, but the question is, what will the courts rule? People sue for all sorts of crazy stuff, doesn't mean they automatically win. We shall see, but my prediction is that forcing religious organizations to go against their religious beliefs and marry a LGTG couple won't happen.
New Posts  All Forums: