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All my "problems" are inconsequential compared to what you just went through so ... yeah. Such things tend to give one a different perspective. I'm glad you're still with us (I'm sure many others feel the same) and you seem to have an amazing ability to deal with it all and maintain your spunky attitude. I get upset over stupid annoyances so when I read posts of yours like above, I reflect and feel silly that such things affect me so. Hopefully my nephew who is really into...
This is what separates Apple out, the initial work before the announcements to get partners lined up (while this can also be very frustrating waiting for them all to get lined up before announcements are actually made). They tend not to just throw the tech in and leave it at that, thus NFC/ApplePay and HealthKit and other bits will almost immediately be used by a whole bunch of people, making them a success.
I downloaded it since it was free. I wouldn't have purchased it, but it's nice to get free. As Relic said, better than a lot of what's out there.   Btw, good to see you Relic!
WE NEED MORE RUMORS! Seems the Rumor Mill is falling short. Get to it guys!   I'll have to set the EyeTV to record these. Thanks for the heads up :)
 If they'd been working on it for years like T-Mobile has (rolled out in 2007), then it could just be used right away once Apple adds it in iOS8. Instead, like with many features, they're being practically forced to do it by having to compete with other providers.
From T-Mo's website re: WIFI Calling. It's using an encrypted connection so there should be no worry about eavesdropping on your calls.
The last time I went to a Best Buy it was to drop off two old 32" or smaller tube TVs (which they will take for free to recycle). Clerks standing around doing nothing, I asked about a cart and the greeter at the front door called for someone over the intercom. No one came. I eventually saw the flat carts myself. Luckily it was me that went to drop them off and not the pregnant wife. She'd probably still be standing there waiting for someone and our son is now three months...
Samsung Mega @ 6.3" I believe. They'll go bigger, don't worry. I agree with others that Apple should just add cellular calling capability to the iPad Mini and cut them off at the pass.
The wrap around screen is an innovation. Whether it's actually useful is a whole 'nuther discussion. Get a really big phone so you can look at tiny notifications on the side when it's sitting on your desk? My guess is it will be meh, but I wouldn't look at a Samsung phone anyway. It will be interesting to read reviews, etc to see how it works, if it requires special apps that utilize that portion of the screen for display/controls, etc. People were talking about "it would...
I don't think these "advertisements" will go any further than their YouTube channel (you won't see them on the TV). As someone else mentioned, they appear to be made just to appeal to the iHaters.   Apple doesn't need to and shouldn't respond to any of Samsung's trolling efforts, it would just take them down a notch to do so.
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