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And thus began the great "shipped vs sold" meme.
Quality writing, thank you for a good start to the day!
So I assume this $299 starting price point is actually on-contract and in reality $100 more than the iPhone 5S? Otherwise, this makes no sense.
And they all have to eat McDonalds too, right? Better setup some more portapoties.
Thanks for the reminder, went and updated my CC info :)
Yeah, I know, I was kidding :D
If there is such a thing as "copying a phone screen size" then (assuming Apple releases an iPhone with a screen the same size as Samsung) Apple will be doing it. Just like if there is such a thing as "copying making a phone using metal instead of plastic" then (assuming Samsung releases a phone using metal instead of plastic) Samsung will be doing it.
I'm sure once they have all these data centers up and running, you'll be able to go into the iCloud System Pref and change the location of your iCloud data via a pop-up menu.
I can attest to this. Every time I have to go into some previously unexplored area of my home built in 2006, I seem to find more stuff the "inspector" missed. Insulation on the very outside sections of our master bedroom had only a light dusting of blown-in insulation, they shoved fiberglass insulation at the lowest points of the roof between the trusses that blocked the air flow from the soffits intakes to the peak vents, and blown-in insulation covering the soffit...
Or Canon, they made the printer engines for many (HP, Apple) back in day.
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