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Yep, and I see people listing other reasons as well. Unless they really couldn't produce any more of the exact model ordered, they should have checked as not everyone will appreciate the change (not everyone will see it as an upgrade).
They should probably have asked if the customer wanted the free upgrade. You just know someone, somewhere will be upset by this ...
Is that the model where you sell off all your hardware divisions because you've failed to differentiate and make a significant profit so you go into services instead? I don't see that as a successful model for Apple, tbh.
I'm assuming the first announcements will come along at/during WWDC in June. Looking forward to what is ready. I have a sizable investment in Insteon but I'm using the UDI ISY994 and am waiting to see how they are going to integrate HomeKit.
I would think the salt water would be more of a potential issue than the altitude in the Dead Sea? One good thing about high-altitude cycling here in Colorado, as you go up, the temperature drops so issues may be minimized (between being in the direct sun, temperature, altitude). The other nice thing, we have low humidity, the sun can be quite intense though.
Hopefully the temp/humidity ranges as well as battery life will be extended for the second edition. I'm a bicyclist and once our baby is old enough, I'd like to actually get back into it. Long rides here in CO are typically in direct sunlight for extended periods so I wonder how it would do. My current Garmin bike computer handles it without issue (including the occasional moisture such as rain) so I always have that. I think it would be nice to have the iPhone central in...
Looks like these are more specifically targeted at music apps within iOS. Thanks for pointing me in the direction though, I hadn't even thought about such things for assisting with his issues until your Boom post. Sorry for OT everyone.
Thanks for pointing out Boom. My father-in-law has big hearing problems and this may be of help. Do you know of anything like this for iOS? I haven't been able to find any in quick searching. It would be more useful there since he's using the iPad Air more now than laptops.
You have to have the setup for a couple rematches, after all :) I planned to watch it once it came to regular HBO (signed up for HBO Now at the end of April). Looks like they'll premiere it there mid-May. Glad to know I'll get to see a lot of Mayweather hugging and clinching. After that comment, I recall seeing previous fights and it always seemed he did a lot of that.
Thank you for the info. More reading for those interested:  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/European_Economic_Community So are they only investigating now because, it seems, these arrangements with Ireland were not known/public and have only recently been discovered? If so, then I can't say I really object to the investigation (they don't care about my opinion anyway :P ).
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