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The only thing that even remotely tempts me to jailbreak. I'd love to see this made officially available for iOS.
Very nicely done :)
I was wondering if that was you or not :)  Certainly now with digital photography, we tend to have many more pictures of things. Back then with film, people tended to be much more selective. That sucks about the ][e :( Back on top (ha), I wonder how long Apple will themselves even stick to this store design. Will it be revised with Angela taking over?
Sometimes I forget how much history and experience this forum has :)  Cool to see this type of stuff. Looks like a IIci or cx and the lovable Mac Luggable.
I have to agree, especially now that I use my iPad Mini as a "phone" (I don't talk on the phone a lot and one is required to either use it in speakerphone mode or via a headset, I at least don't have to hold it up to my head :P ).
I'm surprised they didn't capitalize on the people who were electrocuted (by non-Apple chargers/cables).
Thank God this deal fell through. Considering the uses GM and Phillips were looking at Pixar to acquire, it would have been very bad for their core desires and hope for the company.
And if you can't run a full version of office on it, I'll be very disappointed. This is a productivity device, right?
I was going to make a point along these lines as well, by making the glasses bigger, you mask the size of the Google Glass itself. They kept trying to make them as small as possible and now the fashion designer has more or less done the opposite, making the glasses larger to hide the GG.
I imagine these aren't fast enough, but this type of platform would be awesome for things like the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb.
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