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Yep, just watch a couple football games on Sunday (that's hand-egg for those of you outside the US).
The man has to realize if he's having sex with a woman, that a baby could result. It's just biology. So one night can suddenly become a lifetime of payments. Perhaps more people should think about that before engaging in the act. You only need to catch one episode of Jerry Springer (or whomever has the equivalent of his show) to wish that more people would think about this beforehand   I agree, we should be working towards work-life balance and solving the baby-career...
Why is it selfish to have children later in life? And at what age does it become "later in life"? My wife was 38 and I was 43. We have a stable relationship, (fairly) stable jobs, savings, I'd like to think I'm smarter now than I was when I was younger (even if it's just knowing now how little I really know) and I would guess she is as well.Of course the man has a say in it, he can not put his doo-dad in her hoo-ha, he can use a condom, etc. It takes two to get pregnant...
Time to take old yeller out back and put him down. Doesn't mean we don't love him, but his time has passed. We shall remember him fondly.
From what I saw in the filing and I believe I read from some other posts, it appears prior to this, they only designed and sold the sapphire manufacturing equipment, they did not produce/manufacture sapphire themselves. The only way I could see this falling more to be Apple's fault is if they had IP on improving the resulting sapphire or it's production and this IP would not be transferred until GTAT signed the contract and this method/process was what caused the issues in...
There are certainly a lot of attachments to the filing:  https://www.scribd.com/doc/242546436/GT-Advanced-Technologies-Request-to-Void-Apple-Agreements
I wonder if the 890 employees will be showing up at the CEO's house one of these days.
This soap opera just keeps getting stranger. Can't wait to see what GTAT thinks Apple owes them yet. Sounds like GTAT was lucky this didn't form a black hole when it all collapsed so quickly in on itself.
Aaahh, missed it the first read through :)
With Google Wallet, Google sees the transaction data, right? To them, I would guess information is more important than the tiny financial cut Apple is taking and that could well be why banks haven't jumped on Google Wallet? Android has so many more users as we keep hearing all the time, so it can't be Apple's measly user base, right?
New Posts  All Forums: