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Thank you for the info. More reading for those interested:  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/European_Economic_Community So are they only investigating now because, it seems, these arrangements with Ireland were not known/public and have only recently been discovered? If so, then I can't say I really object to the investigation (they don't care about my opinion anyway :P ).
Perhaps they should have reviewed all tax arrangements the member countries had when the EU was formed? As others are pointing out, I don't see how they can retroactively fine them for these arrangements (at least not to the tune of a DECADE), assuming they're actually found to be illegal. What is the limitation on how far back they can go? The EU was formed on 1 November 1993. Can they go all the way back to this date?
 Nothing to worry about, move along. 
Interesting observation (two iPad Air screens side-by-side in landscape). That makes me think, what do we think the screen resolution and pixel density will be on such a device?
 So what happens after the structured rollout when all those who have signed up suddenly all want to watch the same event?
I believe one of the complaints from schools implementing iPads was that the 9.7" screen was a bit small. I've seen a number of posters who said a larger screen would be great for placing on a music stand and reading/playing music. Artists, photographers, anyone reading manuals a lot, etc would likely find this very useful. With the second part of your post ... like all the people with larger, heavier laptops that also thrusted and tied those to the tops of their cars with...
Was that the store that crapped their pants when they saw people lining up outside their store on Apple Watch launch day? LOL   OH NO! You aren't the customers we wanted! But ... we will still take your money. Just please take it to the Apple Store if you have any issues.
Many places people would love to have an Apple Store move in. Not here, will bring in too many lower class peasants to our snooty area of town.   Maybe you can take up donations to pay Apple to stay out? Figure out what the Apple store there would make in 10 years or so and start collecting!
Who will be the first to build a compute cluster of Apple Watches? 
I'm not in a contract and I'm waiting to see what will come with the next iPhone cycle (6S, 6S Plus) because everything is functioning fine. The longer you can wait, the more compelling the upgrade becomes. Wife is still using an iPhone 4 running iOS 7.x and I'm actually using an iPad Mini 2 (I don't take or make many calls and just use VoIP). The lack of compatibility with Apple Watch for iPad is disappointing. Why can't a cellular capable iPad be used? Seems like that...
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