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Well, the 3 series grew so big they had to release the 1 and 2 series which were smaller :) An additional size would be a nice option.
Hopefully DTS as well. Maybe Amazon Prime will finally come to the AppleTV. Restraining my excitement until it's actually announced :)
I believe you that he demanded it, but I believe Apple rejected it on the grounds that a turd sandwich could not actually be served in their cafeteria.
Even on Black Friday, I'll shop online. I prefer not to be trampled to death like seems to happen every year at Walmart or some other store now. Online shopping is much safer.
Alexa, what's the weather going to be like today?Cloudy and colder, with a high of only 45 Fahrenheit . Would you like me to order you a fleece pullover from Amazon with same day delivery?Alexa, play some Led Zeppelin.I noticed you're missing two of their albums, would you like me to order and download those from Amazon for you?Alexa, how much is the current Apple TV on Amazon?It's $99, but the Amazon Fire TV is the same price and does so much more, would you like me to...
Awesome. Looking forward to what it is. I like what he's done with the distribution of his own music. I wonder if this is related to the "new format" that U2 is supposedly working on with Apple. I'd certainly be more interested in hearing the outcome if Reznor is involved.
It's right on MCX's blog post by their CEO. However, if the retailer wants out of their agreement with MCX, they can just walk away without any fines (just losing their investment in MCX and all time/effort they had invested). This doesn't mean they can coexist (like Meijer is doing), only that they can choose to walk away without being fined (which was rumored to be the case).So it will be interesting if MCX takes the position that Meijer's continuing to take ApplePay and...
I ordered two, one for the secondary TV at the house and another for our Moon lair (I would call it a base but lair sounds cooler). I'd hate to realize half way there that I forgot to bring it with, so I'll just leave it there.
Yep, just watch a couple football games on Sunday (that's hand-egg for those of you outside the US).
The man has to realize if he's having sex with a woman, that a baby could result. It's just biology. So one night can suddenly become a lifetime of payments. Perhaps more people should think about that before engaging in the act. You only need to catch one episode of Jerry Springer (or whomever has the equivalent of his show) to wish that more people would think about this beforehand   I agree, we should be working towards work-life balance and solving the baby-career...
New Posts  All Forums: