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It appears you bring up the app, then touch the Quick CurrentC bar at the bottom. I assume then it generates the QR code, then you scan that. Hey, you can expect whatever you want, doesn't mean it will happen or that it's even realistic.
If you serve the public, then you need to avoid discriminating against others, regardless of your beliefs. Your personal beliefs should control how YOU act and behave, not control others. Perhaps your children until they reach the age of majority, but certainly not other adults. As a county clerk, your job is to provide marriage licenses. Now that gay marriage is legal, yes, you should provide those as well. You're not being forced into a gay marriage by providing the...
I was also offered a Dell. I chose to use my own personal machine. I remote into a VDI at the office anyway, so I don't need a Dell blob on my desk using extra electricity, adding heat and noise into my environment :)
Or as I like to say, like a head in deerlights :) They just took way to long to respond. And then even after that, people who did adopt Windows Phone got screwed when they couldn't upgrade from Windows Phone 7 to 8.
Yeah, if polls are to be believed, isn't he near the bottom now?
Let's assume all the children have a stable and fairly fast internet connection and a sufficiently fast computer. Are you thinking elementary school age children (ok, any age children from kindergarten to the end of high school) will just sit in front of their computer at home with no supervision and attend class, do their school work, etc while their parents are at work? LOL  Maybe if our children are grown in pods like in the Matrix, but I don't see it under our current...
Samsung: All your ideas are belong to us.
If it doesn't have an SD slot, replaceable battery, etc, they'll be talking about it ... but not in a good way.
Well, certainly a better name than "UriBeacon". Not sure who comes up with some of these names over there at Google. 
That depends on what the company does. R&D departments may work with universities, for example, and thus need to be able to exchange data, etc, so they'd likely have a method through their firewall to do that.
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