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Galaga, Ikari Warriors and Spy Hunter, some of my all time favorite games. It would be great to have these available on the new ATV platform in a legal manner, but I don't expect that will happen.
Along this same line of thinking, I wonder if Apple will allow headphones via the new ATV remote using the lightning port at some point? Or can one use Bluetooth headphones with the new ATV4?
So the remote is cool, but now I would be back to at least two remotes to control many activities (harmony + ATV remote or iPhone/iPad). Bah ...   DTS would have been nice as well. Still waiting for ANY streaming player to include it. Still not sure what I want to do (other than wait longer to see what others come up with).   /sigh
Seems like the experience is going well for some people ...   http://consumerist.com/2015/09/02/i-signed-up-for-samsungs-ultimate-test-drive-and-all-i-got-was-a-defective-phone-with-no-way-to-return-it/
I assume these will all be free with advertising, just shifting from OTA/cable to streaming. It will be interesting to see how many people utilize it, if they have streaming issues, etc. Since this is CBS (and not a cable channel), most if not all should be available OTA via HD antenna. Would be nice to compare quality, see if there are any additional options (pausing for eg) with streaming, etc.
I don't think I like football enough to pay what they're asking for Game Pass or Sunday Ticket ... oh wait, I can't actually get the online version of Sunday Ticket because I'm not a college student or in a city. Guess I'll just catch whatever I'm able via OTA HD antenna.
Never surrender!     Let's hope they don't activate the Omega 13 when they don't get their way!  
You just gave Samsung a great idea ...
Interesting. I'll have to see if the transcription for any messages I receive in the future are improved because, as you said, they were pretty damn funny before (and I may miss that, LOL).
It appears you bring up the app, then touch the Quick CurrentC bar at the bottom. I assume then it generates the QR code, then you scan that. Hey, you can expect whatever you want, doesn't mean it will happen or that it's even realistic.
New Posts  All Forums: