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Update: LastPass with Yubikey rocks!! Now I really can trust my account passwords to the cloud!!!
Now Amazon has an App for Mac, for cloud storage, nice! I've been using Spideroaks App for a couple of years now, gaining 5gb of free storage and ability to sync all my files to multiple devices / folders.
It seems like cloud storage is going to be the next battle ground for multiple systems - OS'es.. Windows SkyDrive's free service gives its users a whooping 25Gb Free, and they also have an App for Macs. Anybody here can give me some feedback? Compared here, http://windows.microsoft.com/en-US/skydrive/compare , Its seems to be a better alternative.
    Yes , but I wont be able to access them in other OS like Windows and Linux. I use multiple systems so I prefer a multiplatform password manager, 1Password or LastPass is on the top of my lists...
    Thanks, I want to learn more about LastPass, I dont usually trust keeping my passwords to the cloud thats why i decided to stick with KeePassX, my password database is stored locally, unlike LastPass.. One thing I like with LastPass is being multiplatform, from Windows, Mac and Linux, all my passwords are securely accessible..
yup, the problem is you wont know till its too late.... better safe than sorry right? sohos, clamAV and bitdefender offers antivirus for mac, now you decide since its your machine.. 
Anybody know about a good password manager, I've been using Keepassx, I've been thinking of using 1Password, any suggestions?
hmmm... still waiting for those screen shots....
Independent studies shows Sophos did fairly well.. AVG, Avast and Bitdefender is gaining grounds on Malware protection, Avast still on beta for Mac as I see it, and it does'nt offer Mac Business suites for now. Its my first time to use Sophos and its seems to be ok, it caught EICAR test file fast as it was downloaded to my Mac.  I've been a fan of Bitdefender, due to its linux support, also been using it without a problem. :)
WARNING !! Verified malicious sites below.   For Reference only: http://sistemabanesconlineseguro.66ghz.com/   http://facebookv10.altervista.org/   http://www.mie-kenkou.com/drugstore/m/region/matsusaka/cssbunhs/internetbanking.html   How will Mac OS X protect me from this sites? Will it warn me about what it is? Surely an Anti-Virus like Sophos, or using a third party software will protect me against these but not Mac OS X. I dont know if the above...
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