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I'm hoping for a mini-labtop. They'd be fine with say, 10-20Gb storage, an 800Mhz processor (though 1Ghz+ would be nice), and a full version of Mac OS X. Fold it up and it acts exactly like an ipod, open it and its an ipod video, open the browser, ichat, and news aggregator and its your communication hub. Pricing 500-700$. Edit: Actually I think any processor speed down to 400Mhz would be fine, as long as it had a good amount of RAM. Edit: Think slightly larger then...
Well, they did make a 5" portable screen and 6 hour portable battery for the gamecube... just imagining that with a mac mini makes me drool.
You too? (the screaming at verizon thing) I hate them. They thought that it was something wrong with us and not even considered that it was there fault. They made me take apart my computer 4 TIMES just to make sure that everything connected. idiots.
I would say go for it. WoW plays fine on the old cube with a 1ghz upgrade and graphics card which is just about equal to the 5200.
Spontanious. Would you rather control lightning or have a brand new duel 2.5Ghz G5 with 30 in display and a lifetime garantee that every time apple updated the top of the line you would receive it in the mail the next day?
Spotted rooster (not what you think though...) Black beans Pinto beans homemade pizza (with 75% wheat flour) Various indian foods. (From India, not those other dudes)
I would definently eat my children. Would you rather rig the enemy base with explosives or post on appleinsider?
I am part of that "young crowd" and I absolutly love it! Can hardly wait to order mine.
This'll be great for sales. All of those people who like the ipod will upgrade to this, it's just as cute as the ipod. Also for the first time since the original, you can say it's a cute computer.
It's beautifull! and here's how mac gamers like me will Doom 3. On low settings.
New Posts  All Forums: