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LOL, this was a 2002 thread!  This must be a near record necro!   Was this a first post in an old thread trying to set up an astroturf or sockpuppet account?   Sure fits the pattern.
This WAS as 12+ year dead thread...     If you added something interesting and the least bit new it might be cool.  But this way it looks like you are just prepping an accont for use as a spambot.  Your examples are rubbish by the way...
No, bigger is not always better.  The ridiculous premise of the graphics above is that a desktop monitor can go mobile like an iPad can;  or that having an iPad precludes use of an appropriate desktop tool at a stationary machine location.  Neither makes sense.   Who has 5 years of successful multi touch experience?  Who has trackpads people actually like?     Has anyone proposing the touchscreen desktops actually worked out the ergonomics?  A LOT of studies over...
  Disney was into CG well before Pixar took over.  And it sucked.   Bolt turned into a great little movie because in the 9 months after Disney bought Pixar they essentially did a complete rewrite. Bolt had been in production for 3 years prior to that.    Meet the Robinsons was probably their best CG movie prior to that, everything else was very forgettable.
When you understand how to converse without being intentionally antagonistic, come back.  Until then you have nothing useful to add to the conversation.     Why?  In what idiotic self imposed world would you or anyone else who is actually using their mantal facilities to more than 0.01% of their potential EVER think I would have meant it was forbidden to cross license the patents contributed to the standard?   Oh wait,  that'e the faux world you already live in. Oh!...
  You cherry pick again.  That is a cross license of a contributed SEP patent to the same standard.  Not cross license of ANY patent.   
    Apple never demands cross licensing in FRAND cases.  It is the Android crowd that is doing so in direct violation of the standards body terms.  You have an interesting alternate reality going there.
  Seems you and the judge wanted Apple to waive it's appeal rights before a ruling was reached.  That's not anything Apple has to abide by.   Apples quote of $1 per phone was a signal of where they would appeal, not whether or not they would accept a final ruling.  This judge is going to get this ruling bounced due to a priori rejecting a plaintiffs right to appeal and then retaliating by dismissing the case with prejudice.
I have a MBP retina with an attached Thunderbolt display.  Daisy chained of that I have a Western Digital raid and daisy chained off that I have a 30" Cinema display.   The whole thing works just fine.   You cannot daisy chain the Cinema display directly off the Thunderbolt display, but once removed is no problem.
  How about idiotgate?
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